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Straight forward, effective, collaborative coaching.
Helping people & businesses put mind over matter with therapeutic coaching. 
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Coaching for change

Therapeutic coaching for personal & professional change

If you have made it this far, change is already happening!

I am JK (Jennie-Kate) coach and facilitator at JKChangeWork. Supporting individual and team change. With a focus on enhancing your well-being, overcoming problems, and making more time in your life for happier, healthier times. 

As a life coach, change worker and well-being facilitator I help you put mind over matter. 

Coaching sessions will help you resolve problems, action goals and make change happen. 


You find yourself here, because you want something to be different in work, life or maybe both.

Coaching helps you enhance your mental health & well-being. Improving your quality of life. And helping you find balance, purpose and meaning in your world.

Help to stop you feeling frustrated, stuck in your situation or unhappy with your situation. 

Services Include:

In its simplest terms, coaching helps you change the way you think, feel, and do. We work together on aspects of life, work, and other "stuff". Exploring the beliefs that help or hinder your situation and wider factors that enable you (or stop you) from doing things differently or feeling happier. 

What's it about?

Ways to move forward & make change happen!

Whilst coaching considers your life experiences, we don't dwell on the past. Coaching supports you to create (or re-create) your life now and moving forward. You have a wealth of resources within your reach, it’s just a case of figuring out the how, of making change happen.


Coaching will help you to build on existing skills, understand what works for you and help you find opportunities to enhance happiness and feel in control of your decisions. 


Coaching works best for people, where there is a gap between where you are and where you want to be. You are ready to do things differently, but just need a little help in making it all happen.

You probably feel like there is a difference between the person you are to others and the thoughts and feelings you experience for yourself inside. Sessions together, provide a safe and supportive place to explore and change one or more aspect of your life. 

Coaching is a unique place where you can totally be yourself, free of judgement and with lots of opportunities to figure things out, create calm, clarity, and confidence in the "what next". 

Want to improve your well-being and make life easier?

These are the key areas I support clients with 


Find even more reasons for coaching here 

Coaching can help you with focus and motivation, from the “getting-going” to “maintaining-momentum”. Supporting you to develop a further sense of purpose, and the confidence to match. Coaching sessions help with making choices and creating opportunities that support wider goals. 

Covid-19 may have added some additional challenges in your life. This may have increased your anxiety, feelings of over-whelm, frustration or added some complexities in your relationships with others and finding a balance in work and life. 

Coaching also helps you better communicate. Helping you to handle the "trickier" people in your life. Space to help you really understand your own needs, what you value most and identify your options. Enabling you to prioritise your well-being in work and life. 

Blue Smoke

What people say:

"I've struggled with low self esteem and life issues. JK help me greatly ... and help me on my way to been a better person. If you are struggling I would highly recommend her service" Mark,  Jan 2021

"JK has empowered me to make the change and grow and embrace the person I knew I could be, but was lacking the confidence to step out of my comfort zone. I cannot thank her enough." Penny, Online Client, July 2020

Positive: Professionalism, Quality a business owner, I was getting in the way of my own success.... JK is an exceptional coach. She challenged my thought process, helped me reframe my perception of situations and myself, and enabled me to identify personal resources for me to draw on when I needed. I can't thank JK enough for creating a space for me to share my challenges and help me address them in a safe and non-judgemental environment." Anna M   Oct 16, 2020 

A space to be yourself. 

Coaching together, we can help you set clear goals. Change aspects of life, learn ways to deal with situations differently and enhance your health and well-being. 

As a coach & facilitator; my role is to help you re-set mindset, develop helpful ways to deal with life and help you create calm & clarity.


Through constructive, collaborative, and focused coaching sessions you will learn wonderful ways to make change happen. 

You have a desire to make positive change in your life, even if you are not sure how right now. I appreciate that change can feel a big deal and even just getting in touch is that next step, in a courageous effort, to make more of your life.


I’ve seen clients create amazing and wonderful changes, magicians of their very own mind. From tiny ripples that open-up new opportunities, to massive leaps into something totally unexpected!


Whilst we might be dealing with things that currently negatively impact your life. Be reassured my style and approach is tailored to your individual needs. Offering a space to get support, be creative and maybe even get excited about the opportunities you have in life.


​Coaching helps you feel more comfortable in yourself and your life. With the freedom to create change that positively impacts you and the world around you. We’ll embrace your uniqueness in the sessions and tailor each session to your life priorities, helping you keep the bigger picture and goal inline with the change and uncertainty of your day to day.

You need to feel confident that you are choosing the right coach for your goals and needs. 


Book in a TOTALLY FREE discovery call or zoom at the link HERE to explore how coaching together, can work for you!

View the video below, to find out a little bit more about one-to-one coaching. 


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1:1 Coaching 

60-90 minute sessions


Coaching helps you to change things in your life and reach goals. 

Effective for a range of issues from anxiety, confidence, habit changing, depression or problem solving. 

Helping you build emotional resilience, create change & live a happier life. 

Online Coaching 

60-90 minute sessions

delivered over ZOOM 

Coaching helps you to change things in your life and reach goals. 

Effective for a range of issues from anxiety, confidence, habit changing, depression or problem solving.  



Bespoke Packages for organisational well-being  

Equip staff with skills for emotional resilience & mental well-being . 

Boost motivation, communication and problem solving. 

Coaching to support individual and team well-being. 

A priority of any organisation. 


& events

JKChangework offer a range of personally tailored workshops for workplaces, community groups or events. 

A FREE consultation helps to understand your needs and wants and create something personalised to help engage your group or team in their well-being needs and opportunity to create positive change.