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Blue Smoke
Straight forward, effective, collaborative coaching.
Helping people & businesses put mind over matter with therapeutic coaching. 
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Coaching for change

Therapeutic coaching for personal & professional change

Welcome to JKChangeWork: Therapeutic Coaching & Personal Change. 


If you find yourself here. Change is already happening!

Explore this page to discover more about the ways coaching together could help you.  Learn the practicalities and next steps to get started. 

I'll also share more about my coaching approaches, style and experience. As it's so important you find the right coach for you. 

I specialise in working with the following clients 

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The people I coach

The people I coach will, typically identify with one of the issues below.  I take a holistic, whole life approach to coaching whilst helping you focus on your aims & intentions too. I coach people from all walks of life, diverse backgrounds and experiences. Providing coaching for women, men and non-binary people aged 18+. I hold strong values around inclusion and aim to offer equitable coaching solutions for all. Explore the website to discover more. Or book straight in for a FREE discovery call/zoom where we discuss coaching opportunities & answer any further questions you might have. 

The Anxious Mind

You are dealing with feelings of anxiety, stress, worry & over-whelm. 

This is impacting one or more elements of your life. 

And you just need it to change. 

You would like to get back to a more confident version of you.

Or discover what that can be, if you feel you've never had it. 

Career Coaching

You want to make changes to your career. Perhaps your current workplace does not feel like a safe or supportive culture. 

You feel a pull to a career that matches your values and worth.

But find your lack of confidence impacts choices, decisions or the interview process itself. 

Men's Well-being 

As a man you have a number of roles, perhaps career or family. 

You've never really identified with alpha-men traits.

Your feelings are impacting your life right now.

You're looking to get some practical & easy ways to understand yourself and others. 

To improve communication and change your thoughts, feelings and actions. 

Imposter Beliefs 

Impacted by feeling of self-down & over-whelm that are effecting your well-being, relationships with others and your work. 

You are achieving in one or more aspects of your life. But you don't really get to experience the joy of that success with the beliefs you have about yourself. 

Blue Smoke

A space to be yourself & create change. 

What people say:

"I've struggled with low self esteem and life issues. JK help me greatly ... and help me on my way to been a better person. If you are struggling I would highly recommend her service" Mark,  Jan 2021

"JK has empowered me to make the change and grow and embrace the person I knew I could be, but was lacking the confidence to step out of my comfort zone. I cannot thank her enough." Penny, Online Client, July 2020

Positive: Professionalism, Quality a business owner, I was getting in the way of my own success.... JK is an exceptional coach. She challenged my thought process, helped me reframe my perception of situations and myself, and enabled me to identify personal resources for me to draw on when I needed. I can't thank JK enough for creating a space for me to share my challenges and help me address them in a safe and non-judgemental environment." Anna M   Oct 16, 2020 

Coaching really is a safe & supportive space to be your true self.

Free of judgement. 

You play an active part in creating change, with me your coach & facilitator to guide you through ways to make that  difference in your life. 

No 'off the shelf' coaching programmes here.  Each persons coaching session's are as unique as the person you are.  

As your coach I listen, help you gain focus and support you with change. 

My aim is for you get the best for you.  Which means our sessions are varied, proactive. Offering new perspectives, to help you over-come barriers and get away from feeling stuck with a problem. 

Coaching works best for people ready and committed to taking action.  (Even if you need help figuring out the how's and what's of it all or overcoming feelings about the next steps). 

There will be a gap between where you are and where you want to be in life. 

Whilst it might feel daunting, unknown or a big investment at the start. Let me reassure you, coaching and change-work reaps all sorts of rewards. Afterall, our goal together is to help you transform your life for the better. 

The journey of change & personal development, is one of the greatest gift you can claim for your own.  


I am here to help you upgrade those inconvenient saboteurs of joy,  find new narratives and support you with the motivation to bring the life you want into reality. 

So you can crack on living life, easier, happier and more confidently you!

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About JK

Hi, I am JK ( Jennie-Kate) Coach and Founder of JKChangeWork.

I tend to refer to myself as a therapeutic life coach. Because I see the benefit of addressing well-being needs when you look to create change. 

I became a coach, because I recognised how much time can be taken up in peoples lives, when you feel stuck, off-course or struggling with feelings that get in the way of living.  Often it's a case that we just didn't learn 'this stuff' when we most needed it. And I love helping people better understand how the mind works so you can change what you need to, for happiness & health. 

We all deserve a great life. To find balance,  flow and a level of freedom. Creating circumstances that match our values and purpose. 

I am an NLP ( Neuro-Ligustic Programming) Master Practitioner, Holding further qualifications in Advanced IEMT ) Integral Eye Movement Therapy, M-Bit & OldPan2GoTM - Braining Bargaining Techniques. 

Alongside a further range of Coaching & Psychological modalities that I intuitively weave into our coaching sessions together.


 Before starting my coaching business back in 2017 my background was in managing mental health & employability services across the private & third sector. Including working for one of the countries top diversity charities.

I have a great passion for nature and the outdoors, and alongside JKChangeWork run a nature-based coaching practice called WHERE THE MIND GROWS. 

I live in Leeds and spend much of my spare time swimming, camping,  festivals, walking with my rescue lurcher Leon, or reading.  

I believe self-development is the bravest most amazing thing you can do for your Self. And love supporting people to achieve life-affirming outcomes. 

The Practicalties

Sessions last 60-90 minutes. 

From September 2023 sessions are now offered online via zoom as standard. 
Subject to availability face to face sessions may be offered. 
I also coach outdoors in nature through my other coaching company 
Where the Mind Grows
Sessions are offered pay per purchase/Pay as you go

On average most people benefit from around 2 - 6 sessions, every 2-8weeks. But everyone is different)

Next Steps:
Book in a FREE call or zoom  (Approx. 20 mins on zoom or by telephone) to answer questions and explore the next steps for you.

When you are ready to get started:
Complete an online client registration. 
Review the coaching agreement
Book your session in through the client calendar link.


1:1 Coaching 

60-90 minute sessions


(In person also offered subject to availability)

Coaching helps you to change things in your life and reach goals. 

Effective for a range of issues from anxiety, confidence, habit changing, depression or problem solving. 

Helping you build emotional resilience, create change & live a happier life. 



Bespoke Packages for organisational well-being  

Equip staff with skills for emotional resilience & mental well-being . 

Boost motivation, communication and problem solving. 

Coaching to support individual and team well-being. 

A priority of any organisation. 

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