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About JKChangeWork

JKChangeWork offer therapeutic change sessions for personal and professional change. Working with individual clients and businesses to improve peoples  health and well being and help you feel better equipped for the life you want and deserve to lead. 

As a therapeutic coach and personal change worker I will collaborate with you to discover what it is you want from life and help you explore how to get it. 

Leave each session with new resources to help you think, feel and do differently!

Basic Services

1:1 Coaching Sessions

Coaching in Nature

Personal Development Events

Workshops & Bespoke Training

Well-being packages for businesses

My style is friendly and direct helping you to see and believe in the abilities you have to achieve what you want in life. Sessions are non judgemental and offer a safe and confidential space to explore and develop yourself. 

How do I know it's for me or my business? 

You/Your employee have an issue, goal or problem that stops you/your employee from being who you want/get what you want from life/work. 

There is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be. 

You are ready and prepared to invest in sessions to help you/your employee achieve better outcomes and reach goals.

When the change happens it will have a positive impact for you.  

You are open to things being different and are willing to explore a range of techniques to facilitate change.  

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Therapeutic Coaching

Therapeutic coaching offers a safe space to explore and change with ease.

Combining practical coaching resources  with therapeutic techniques to ensure that clients reach their goals and find resources that work for you. 

Reaching out for help can feel overwhelming and unknown. If you made it this far the change is already happening. Asking for help is the most powerful thing you can do for your personal development. 

Our sessions together will help you  to believe in yourself and your ability.  

Our brains are wonderfully complex & diverse machines that learn many things very easily! They  enable us to achieve amazing things and feel wonderful in life. We can reach, see and experience unbelievable opportunities with  the right guidance and resources building strong & trusted relationships between our conscious and unconscious mind.


​At times you may find  that there are challenges or barriers in life, that stop you from living the life you want. Coaching will help you understand these challenges, define your goals and help you make the necessary changes  to move forward positively. 

Sessions last 60-90 minutes. 

On average clients benefit from 1-6 sessions. (Please contact me to discuss session prices and available packages)

Common Issues


Panic Attacks


Work/life balance



Loneliness & social isolation



Low Self-Esteem


Trauma & PTSD (PTS)

Weight/Body image

 Dealing with significant life changes 



Time (management/organisation)



Stuck Emotions

 Problem Habits (Addiction/Nail Biting)

Pain ( physical/emotional)

Feeling different to others/not fitting in. 

Problem Solving

Conflict resolution 

Public Speaking

and much more....

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Contact Us

Phone: 07537 922 458

Address:   Rodley Wellbeing Centre,  6A Rodley Lane, Leeds,  LS13 1HU

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Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK


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