Career Confidence

Considering we spend most of our life in work. It's important to have a job that supports your health and happiness. 

My guesses are that if you clicked on this page, you are not totally fulfilled with your career right now, curious about what else is out there for you. Or perhaps you are looking for ways to improve your current experience at work?  You are in the right place, as I offer coaching to help you find confidence and clarity in your career. 


I work with people in one of three positions in their career. 

  • Struggling with your current job, not happy or not fulfilled. 

  • Off work due to mental health issues and looking for solutions. 

  • Looking to take the next step to career happiness and confidence, but currently stuck. 

With a back ground in managing mental health and employability services I have a wealth of career coaching experience that I bring to our sessions together. 


I'll help you figure out the issues you are facing, understand beliefs that might be getting in the way of your career satisfaction and help you personally develop resources to  do things differently,  support positive thinking and take action. 

I always recommend a package approach to your career coaching sessions, to help  give yourself the time and perspective you need to take the next steps to career confidence. (Usually packages are 4 sessions). 

Combining practical coaching around career and job hunting, from job search, applications and interview techniques to helping you uncover the resources you need to thrive in the role of your choice. 

We delve deep to find what you really value and what is going to fulfil your purpose on your journey through life. Creating a foundation for you to identify what your really want,  from your roles in work and life, right now and into the future. 

Helping you to build on confidence and self-worth. Identifying your skills and capabilities and, where you need it,  sharing resources to manage the challenges and conflicts of work. 

Along the way, we will check in on other factors of your life, to ensure that everything is aligned to take the direction you desire. 

The outcome can be anything from changing careers to getting back to work. The aim is always to end in a place that is happier, more resilient and confident in your career opportunities. 

I work with clients in a direct, supportive and focused way. Change can be fun and I will be open & honest with you to help you get what you want out of your life and career.  I help you, the client to recognise the unique and precious skills and capabilities you bring to the world and together we will figure out how best you can recognise and utilise these in a way that is right for you!

Just some of the career confidence goals I have helped clients achieve in the past include:

  • A client who returned to a job and changed career after being off long term sick with stress. 

  • Supporting clients to build confidence and plan for self-employment. 

  • Building back confidence, following being bullied in a workplace. 

  • Interview preparation for a client who was entering the navy and had failed twice before. 

  • Help a client gain skills to communicate better with her manager and colleagues and reduce conflict.  

  • Support a client to stop their panic attacks and reduce anxiety. Caused by their workload pressures and work environment.  

  • Help a client assess their career options and achieve a role in their dream sector. 

  • Assist a client to manage a return to work  and gain back focus and clarity, after loss of a family member. 

  • Equip a client with the understanding about with their colleagues ranging skill-set and reliability, advancing communication skills and reducing their frustration. 

  • Coaching a client,  who had been promoted to a management role,  to build confidence in leading their peers and set new boundaries to their working role.

  • Help a new father manage his work/life balance. 

  • Support numerous clients to adjust to working from home. 

  • Help a client find their purpose for living, following intense burnout and overwhelm in their director role. 

And so much more...

If you are an organisation, HR consultant or occupational health advisor looking for workplace well-being solutions for your staff. Be sure to visit  the Workforce Wellbeing page.

To learn more about coaching with JK and how to enhance your career confidence, you can select a short discovery call or zoom at the calendar link below:

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