Change your money story!

Have you got some seriously frustrating beliefs around money?

 Looking to transform your relationship with money?

Your money story is informed by your life experiences, mindset and the behaviours you adapt to keep you locked into a unhelpful ( and often stressful) story about money. 

Are you on a total rollercoaster with money, spending it all when you have it and then anxiously looking at your bank account with regret and worry,  fretting about "where the hell the money is going to turn up from"?

Or perhaps you feel like your constantly scraping the crumbs to get by, awkwardly avoiding discussions around earnings and getting your head spinning with numbers, thinking "I never have money?". 

From shame and embarrassment to fear and panic. From anger and deception to avoidance and depression. If your money story has you gripped with fear and leaves you feeling powerless the change your money story programme is for you. 

The good news is that you can learn ways to feel and be different with money and in turn have more space in your life for creating, enjoying and making the most of your time. 

I offer a bespoke life coaching package focused on changing your beliefs and behaviours around money so that you can update the way you create your financial well-being.  Over a six session life coaching programme you will be supported to explore,  de-clutter your thoughts, feel more organised with money and in better control of the choices and actions you take to  get a better relationship with money and enhance your health and happiness in the process.  And the good news you can do all this, without having to loosen your morals or sell your soul!

The change your money story programme offers you 1:1 time with experienced therapeutic life coach JK.  Offering you a safe and non judgemental space to open up a new relationship with money in your life  With a fair share of  supportive challenge,  as we face your limiting beliefs together and help you transform your money story.  The result? You are free to live your life with the confidence and opportunities you deserve and abundance at your every step.  ( and the tools to get back on the track with confidence, should you find yourself derailed!) 

To begin your journey to changing your money story, book in a FREE 15 minute discovery call/zoom with JK.  We will explore how the sessions will work for you ( coaching offer online or face to face where safe and sensible to do so). The discovery call will briefly explore your interest in the programme and what you aspire to achieve, then we get you booked in to start your transformation and help you change your money story. 

The change your money story coaching programme offers you 6 x 60-90 minute sessions online or in person 1:1 with JK at offices in Leeds.  These are usually split over 3-6 months with activities and actions you can complete in between to explore the new skills and beliefs you have around money. 


The programme is always tailored to your individual story and we are likely to explore some of the topics below:

  • Understanding your money story?

  • Creating a vision of abundant living. 

  • Family Values: Inherited money stories and their impact on your goals. 

  • Overcoming fear and letting go of shame. 

  • Feelings about money. 

  • Worthiness, self-care & self-esteem. 

  • Patience and impulsiveness.

  • The language of money. 

  • Money as energy

  • Money and morals. 

  • Aligning behaviours.  

  • Taking action & seeing the evidence.

  • Your new money mindset. ( long term nurturing). 

Sessions combine coaching conversations, creative activities, learning and awareness and goal setting/action planning enabling  you to change your thoughts, feelings and behaviours towards money. 

How can this help you change?

  • Feel more in control of money. 

  • Reduce stress, embarrassment & worry. 

  • Improve relationships.

  • Confident conversations around money. 

  • Shift barriers to earning & saving. 

  • A practical plan for money

  • Increased awareness of how your thoughts, feelings and beliefs influence your behaviours. 

  • Happy, more relaxed outlook on life with more options. 

Clients who coach with me have changed their beliefs, gone on to careers they love, created jobs that pay their worth. Attracted opportunities that enable them to spend more time doing what they love with the people they love. 

I am passionate about helping people, like you,  recognise your true worth and create more freedom in your life to have fun.

Understand you don't have to lead a life of crime to make living profitable and fabulous. Like you, I have been on a crazy (and often terrifying) journey to change my own beliefs about money, wealth and happiness I am here to help you do the same, offering a place to transform those beliefs,  over-come your fears and crack on with living a life of fulfilment. 

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