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When JKChangeWork met Sawdust&Soul

I recently met with the wonderful couple Ben and Clare from Sawdust &Soul.

They are in the early phases of their own business development and I went to spend some time with them to explore the challenges of setting up a business, the delights of doing something that inspires you and explore how therapeutic coaching is a great mechanism for personal and professional change.


Sawdust and Soul is a family run business based in Macclesfield, with oodles of passion and love. The company has two key aspects:

*Furniture regeneration/revamping

*Hire of beautiful natural items for wedding and event hire  (inspired by the couples own wedding.)


JKChangeWork offer coaching  to business owners & SME's. Collaborating to develop vision, confidence & ensure your well-being is at the forefront of your business strategy.  Using a flexible and focused coaching approach tailored to you & your business needs. 

When JKChangeWork met Sawdust&Soul

Ben at work in his workshop

Coaching Tips

Ben & JK Exploring Nature as inspiration fo business

While visiting Sawdust and Soul Ben showed me round their workshop, there is evidence of his creativity about the place with bespoke handmade cupboards storing the large tree trunks that they hire out for weddings.  Ben talked me through the pieces that they have for hire, much of it resourced from friend and family donations, natural foraging/recycling/up-cycling and an eye for a beautiful piece.


It’s clear Sawdust & Soul seriously value the environment, and demonstrate a strong commitment to recycling and waste reduction, whilst ensuring high quality products created with careful design and dedication.  Ben’s creativity is combined with the skills he gained through retraining as a joiner.

Ben handcrafts all the wood and demonstrated his skills on a parquet table top he was preparing for an upcoming referb project. 



Align your passion & your skills. 


Know your destination, plan your journey. 


 Self-Talk – if it’s unhelpful explore techniques to change it.


Be kind to yourself… you are brave, bold and wonderful.


Brand Narrative- let your story reach people.


Trust in your ability to learn & grow from set-backs.


Find balance and harmony in work and life and commit to respecting both aspects.


Be flexible not flimsy in your ideas and identity.


Find Connections – Collaborate, Network, Mentor, Learn, Reflect, Grow!


Have Space - to be truly you. We all have "stuff" that crops up along the way - coaching is a safe space to be honest about what you need to keep things on track

Ben & Clare took me to where it all started, the inspiration for the company roots.  It is no surprise the woodland surroundings of the reservoir  had been a inspiration for the development of their ideas. 

Their passion for the outdoor, sits aside the core principles of the “Coaching In Nature” packages that JKChangeWork offer and this shone through in the session.

Well-being Clare shared with how the peace and calm of the woods was a retreat for her and her mind....a chance to recharge her batteries… a place to sort out the day in her head and a space to create new business ideas. 

The woods  have definitely anchored a place of inspiration and well-being for the couple and it was great to hear them recognising the importance of this. 


Environment  An energising environment is a priority for aiding business success. Clare & Ben get this from dedicated areas in their home for business & access to the local woodland. 


Work/Life Harmony These woods are also an important place for the family and  I was delighted to see their 2 year old son Toby ( who is a genius by the way!) finding adventure and inspiration of his own as we found trees to “Tickle” and as he recited the Gruffolo with his dad.














IMG_0131 - Copy

IMG_0131 - Copy



Clare and I explored the juxtaposition of excitement and adventure with managing disbelief ( what I often explain as  impostor syndrome) … “ I still can’t believe people want our pieces….the wedding booking we have for summer, I am so excited … but I still have times when a little doubt comes in”.

Clare described how she was passionate about her product yet every time a new client approached them there was a flutter of disbelief that someone was buying into the brand. We explored the normality of the giddiness/fear paradox and how Sawdust and Souls passion and story was itself part of why people believed in their products. I talked with Clare about the importance of acknowledging these feelings. Advice I would give to anyone in this position.  Self-Talk can be our best friend or our worst enemy particularly when embarking a business vision. 


"We    love getting to meet our customers. Its one of the reasons we hand deliver as much as we can. It also saves on postage!" Ben - Sawdust&Soul

LogoMakr-9tgj3q (1) Webbased.png

Passion for your product! 

When Clare talks about the wedding packages she really comes alive and I can see how brides-to be will find her energy infectious!

It’s clear that their story is as authentic and natural as the pieces they are creating. Through the coaching discussion we explored the importance and value of conveying the story and their motivation for doing what they do.


Sawdust & Soul hold motivation and passion from the core and this is already beginning to motivate business interest as people engage in their story.

Hearing Ben and Clare explore the narrative behind Sawdust and Soul today I was inspired by what they have created and the direction of their growth.  Sawdust and Soul have a clear vision  and passion…  We explored leaps to boost their social media presence and ensure people can find them with the exciting launch of a new Etsy online store.


Think you would benefit from some coaching support for your business?

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About Sawdust&Soul

I asked Sawdust & Soul to tell us a little bit more about their story & what motivates them. Click below to find out more. 

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There are plenty of ways to find out more about Sawdust&Soul

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A big thank you to Clare & Ben for letting me share their experience with JKChangeWork 

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