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Discover "Where the Mind Grows" with JK - transform in nature with 1:1 coaching!

Coaching with a green conscience!

Visit Where the Mind Grows our sister-site to discover how you can change in nature. 

Our individual life coaching course delivered in nature over 5 sessions help you to make positive changes in your life. 

(Due to Covid-19 we are also offering this as self guided version, delivered remotely online over 6 sessions - this includes a 1:1 coaching/reflection session with self-guided resources & activities to do in nature outside of your session)

Perfect for people looking to reduce anxiety, boost confidence and gain clarity. Spend time in nature for your well-being. 

Our coaching in nature packages combine traditional coaching approaches & change-work with eco-psychology and natural principles. 

All our packages at Where the mind grows invest money back into local projects to plant trees and support local conservation.  Helping mind, helping nature. 

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Forest Trees
Fall Tokens

Are you a business? Discover team solutions in nature here

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