Coaching In Nature -Corporate Days & Private Sessions

Coaching in Nature corporate days are a space for you and your team to escape the office and spend time out in natural spaces to enhance team dynamics, invest in workforce well-being and are a perfect setting to explore and grow aspects of your organisational culture.

Do you want to treat your team to a fun day out to say thank you or enhance your workforce well-being approaches?

Does your team need  a different perspective to manage change and develop through embedded learning  approaches?

Coaching In Nature days can be tailored to the aims of an organisation.

Just 20 minutes in the natural word is said to reduce stress levels, improve focus  and help people to reconnect with a calmer sense of self.  The outdoor setting also lends itself to team building and bonding.

The wide openness of Coaching in Nature days ensure there is space for innovation, reflection , creativity and much more.

Coaching in Nature days will support organisations wanting to achieve one of the following, through a range of tailored sessions.

  • Reduce sickness and stress and improve motivation.

  • Teams dealing with change

  • Enhancing communication in staff.

  • As part of a health and well-being day.

  • A space to develop a health and well-being strategy

Some examples of how you can tailor your day:


  • Resolving Conflict

  • Communicating Awesomely

  • Looking after our well-being

  • Story telling for change


  • Co-creating a health and well-being strategy for your organisation ( facilitated day)


Team Building woodland activity

  • Treasure Hunt

  • Den Building

  • Walk and Talk

  • Garden Games

  • Pilates/Yoga


Coaching in Nature approach is also offered as part of JKChangeWorks employee assistance programme. Want to offer an alternative 1:1 approach to counselling for staff.  Coaching could nbe better suited to some staff. Improve staff well-being, an approach to support performance issues or grow your staff in the next step of their career.

Download the Work Place Well-Being Leaflet Here

“In a forest of a hundred thousand trees, no two leaves are alike. And no two journeys along the same path are alike.”  
―  Paulo Coelho

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