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Come & Discover "Where the Mind Grows" with JK - Well-being for your team!

2020 has bought some additional challenges to team cohesion, well-being and happiness and our Where the Mind Grows team experiences are the perfect way to give your team the time, resources and space to re-connect. Boosting well-being.

Recognition is the number one thing employees say their manager could give them to inspire them to produce great work.

"79 percent of people who quit their jobs cite ‘lack of appreciation’ as their reason for leaving." (The Carrot Priniple)

Where the Mind Grows with JK is coaching & facilitation with a green conscience. Delivering  team experiences in the beautiful natural backdrop of  a vast woodland. Working alongside our fabulous collaborator Make it Wild's woodland with the comfort of eco-friendly designed buildings for optimum comfort.


Each team experience has a carbon offset meaning when you choose to enhance the well-being of your employees you are doing the same for nature as each package helps to plant REAL TREES!

Time and money are precious!

Investing in personal development for your team needs to add long term value!


  That's why our our packages are 2-4 days ensuring lasting change & accountability creating change long term! Spread over 3-6 months to optimise engagement. 

Leadership Well-Being

If you are a leader thinking "what about my well-being?" you will love to read about our leadership retreats a unique opportunity to restore and reconnect with your well-being in beautiful nature surrounds. 

Teams are really divided right now with some loving the home-working environment, staff struggling to ease into the change and many feeling increasingly isolated ,  lacking the purpose in their role due to disruptions in contracts. 

We all know that having happy, healthy employees equates to increased productivity, motivation and organisational efficiency. Reducing sickness & presenteeism.  Giving your team to skills and knowledge to build their resilience and prioritise ways to keep themselves and others well...that's just common sense right?

  1. Celebrate individual & environmental assets for well-being.  

  2. Nurture mind & nature symbiotically, caring for both. 

  3. Meaningful outcomes for lasting change - reducing sickness & enhancing individual & collective well-being

  4. Simplicity - Keeping things honest & simple - making investing in team well-being easy & fun. 

  5. Community - creating cultures that embrace well-being as an ongoing ecosystem in which we can connect and collaborate. 


Where the mind grows 

team experiences

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For new teams, projects & new beginnings looking to nurture your well-being vision!

Our sapling package helps new teams or projects establish strong roots for well-being. 

Helping you explore vision & values. 

Looking at practical skills & knowledge to enhance your individual and collective well-being. 

Meaning you have more time & space to be motivated, creative and inspired to grow!

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Teams looking to connect, communicate & collaborate to grow a well-being culture

For established teams valuing space to come back together as a collective, review your collective assets. Enhance communication and excel in developing skills for individual and collective well-being. ​

An asset based approach to a collaborative well-being culture. ​

Ensuring your teams have time to embed strategies and space to sustain ways to keep happy & healthy. 

Image by Simon Wilkes

Mighty Oak

For teams struggling with adversity, loss or change!

A programme for teams experiencing challenges,  struggling with change or worried about burn out. 

Like the Mighty Oak this programme helps teams keep rooted, create strategies for resilience and thrive through challenges & change. 

A supportive& open facilitation to help transform and inspire courage & promote healthy environments. 

Identify strategies for individual & collective recovery & nurture a culture of well-being. 

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