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Priority Fast Track Coaching Session 
Want your coaching session ASAP?

I totally get it. Some times you don't have the time or inclination to go through the process of a discovery call, client registration form and online booking.  

You are probably familiar with how coaching works and what to expect from the coaching dynamic.


And know that we will be focused on finding solutions, setting change in motion and helping you upgrade your life through your ongoing commitment to personal development!

Your decisive enough to know if I am the right coach for you. 

For people like you I offer a priority 'fast track' premium service. To help you get booked in quickly.  Focused and efficient, reaching a specific goal(s). 

These sessions are usually designed for that 'one off' situation where you are keen to have coaching to support you. 


Some of my clients just prefer this approach to booking. So if like them you love the way this service enables you to find solutions and space to explore quickly. Then it's time to get booked in.  I can't wait to work with you on your goals!

When you book in, we meet online for a 90 minute coaching session together. To work on your issue or goal.  Book in, Coaching, Done!       That simple!

Looking for a little more information?

If this all feels a little too fast. And you would prefer to explore coaching with a little more time and consideration. Then you can book in a discovery call HERE that will support us to have a chat together first. And decide how best we can work together. 

Who is this coaching for?

This premium service is for people who want to access coaching support quickly. I offer exclusive, limited sessions  for people like you. 

A 90 minute coaching session, online via ZOOM.  

Time is your highest value and you appreciate the opportunity to save the time and invest in your personal development ASAP. 

  • Maybe you are feeling mega motivated and want to get a session secured, before you start to talk yourself out of it, over-think it or get distracted/procrastinate?

  • Perhaps you have a time limit on a particular event, goal or opportunity - like an interview, application, audition,  speech or presentation - and a coaching session will help you focus and frame your next steps?

Those opportunities out there, are waiting for you, and you see the benefit of a coaching session to help you with blockages and stumbling blocks.  

A simple, booking process for those confident in our coaching collaboration. Allowing you to invest quickly, through these limited availability sessions.  Making you feel like a VIP! 

  • This service is also GREAT for people who are just looking for some creative time and space to ideas generate or explore options -  avoiding those 'awkward' or  'opinionated' responses of your friends and family, to cloud your judgement or busy your head. Coaching sessions are a great way to explore options and establish clear goals,  objectively & free of judgement. 

This confidential service is also great for people who are in the public eye or high profile and feel you just need protected time and space to explore a challenge or goal with a Life/Career coach (Non Disclosure Agreements are detailed in the Coaching Agreement here

Whilst most people benefit from around 2-8 sessions on average to work on a longer term goal or issue. 

This premium service supports people who have a strong sense of the specifics of your goal or issue and know that my coaching style (Honest,  Open, Proactive and Productive) will help you to resolve, create change or set your goals into action. 

Next Steps 

  • Click on the link below and you will be taken to my booking page to book your session.  

  • You will be asked a few basic questions on booking,  to help me understand your situation and ensure we are both focused when we meet online.

  • You'll make your payment for the session on booking.  

  • You'll receive an additional follow up  email with links to the coaching agreement, & privacy notice . (Everything you need in advance of the session) 

Yep, it really is this simple

  • For your session: find a comfy and confidential space free of distractions. Bring a note book, a glass of water or warm drink. And anything else that helps you feel relaxed and focused. 

This service affords you the luxury of time and simplicity. Getting your coaching started ASAP.

With that comes the investment of £250 per session.   

Sessions are paid for upfront. Making it an easy streamlined approach for your personal development and well-being. 

If you would like to learn more about my wider coaching services and book in a discovery call together first. You can do so here.  Where you can ask  questions and see how we can collaborate on your longer term coaching goals, wellbeing issues or career objectives. ( Standard Coaching Service - 60-90 minute session at £125 per session)

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