Managing Anxiety 

Anxiety can have a real impact on your life. 

It can often take you by surprise and leads to feelings of immense panic, over-whelm, overthinking and a fear of getting or doing something wrong. 

Anxiety makes us feel breathless, tense and leads to trouble concentrating, sleeping or moving forward with specific goals or responsibilities.


If you are struggling from anxiety, you may find it is also impacting on your relationships. Isolating you from social situations, making you feel more uncomfortable around others,  leading you to be tetchy or withdrawn or seeking reassurance from a partner or loved one. 

It may even be causing you concern and feelings of paranoia in your dynamics at work. 


Anxiety can feel like it has complete control of your life, when it takes over. 

It leaves you nostalgic for the times when things felt calmer and clearer.  

Anxiety focuses on all the things that could go wrong, making your head busy with thoughts of "what if" that can often feel exhausting and difficult to escape. 

I have helped people from all walks of life, professions and beliefs to over-come the negative impact of anxiety.

Anxiety does not have a bias when it comes to gender, ethnicity or age. It is something we can all  experience in life.   But when it becomes a problem, and stops you from doing the things you desire or deserve in life. Then now is the time to make a change! 

Working from Home

Whilst coaching sessions with JK are unique to your personal circumstances and goals.

Some of the typical thing we will do to manage anxiety include:

  • Understand what anxiety is. 

  • Learn tools to manage it. 

  • Establish new resources that create more helpful responses. 

  • Reset old stories and limiting beliefs that lead to feeling anxious. 

  • Build confidence and self-esteem to know you can make it work. 

  • Notice how things have changed for you. 

  • Future proof your techniques. 

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How can therapeutic coaching & change work help?

Let's create space in your life for fun, freedom and happiness. 

Setting you free of the burdens of anxiety is my number one goal. 

Whilst anxiety and stress are healthy in limited moderation. 

When you feel that anxiety is getting in the way of your happiness, health and keeping you stuck. Well then I think you would agree, it's time to change!

Coaching gives you a safe space free of judgement to gain new tools to manage anxiety, increase clarity, feel calm and keep things together. 

It's totally natural to feel worried or silly about admitting that you are struggling with the effects of anxiety. 

This might be the first time you really these extreme feelings. And having spent time wracking your brain on how to change things, coaching is a supportive place to make sense, let go and move forward. 

If anxiety feels like a total norm for you now, you may be apprehensive of how our sessions together will offer anything different and that create anxiety all of it's own. 


I am able to help you find quick and easy solutions to your turmoil. 

Together we will explore a range of tools and resources that will help you completely transform your experience of anxiety and the fear and apprehension that goes with it. 

Coaching helps you press re-set and re-programme your thinking. 

Giving you practical skills that will enable you to put them into practice in your daily life.   

We don't have to spend loads of time talking about the problems.


Instead we focus on finding you the confidence in your ability to create changes that work for you, in daily life. 

Giving you space and freedom to get on with living your life. 

What people say:

I noticed a shift after my first session as did my husband and it has continued to improve. I definitely have a better control of my over thinking, I can’t pinpoint why but my brain is not catastrophising as much so it has less anxiety about the future...A great alternative if ‘talking therapy’ has not worked or you want to try a different approach. JK is really intuitive and makes the whole experience feel easy. I felt like it was a completely safe space to address trauma and challenging behaviours.

Image Source Unsplash - Hello I'm Nik