Old Pain 2 Go

OldPain2Go® is a fantastic approach to remove old physical and emotional pain.

As an OldPain2Go® practitioner I am passionate to share this great technique with people who are currently suffering with Pain. 

Aches and Pains can have a huge impact on your ability to enjoy life and can significantly affect mind and well-being as well.

This approach not only changes the pain, it will help you understand  and explore the story behind the pain and your emotional connections. 


Have you had medical treatment, diagnosis or medical advice and still experience pain? 

Acting as a mediator between your conscious & unconscious mind, this approach helps you to better understand pain messages and remove unnecessary pain signals, if they don't need to be there. These sessions are a quick and easy and help you understand Brain Bargaining and the actions you can take to live pain free. 

  This  approach has proven effective on a range of long term conditions, chronic pain and injury. 

Utilised by practitioners across the world, this session will change your relationship with pain and enable you to experience life without unnecessary physical & emotional pain. 

All I ask is that you have already received medical advice and strategies for any condition or injury.   This approach is about changing pain messages and should not take the place of consultation & treatment  with a medical professional. 

What have you got to lose but the pain?

Long Term Pain?

Experience long term pain? Read more about OldPain2Go here before you book in your session with JKChangeWork

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Phone: 07537 922 458

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