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10 ways to scale up your happiness.

It’s common to be in search of greater happiness and satisfaction in your life.

Whilst that quest, might require you to delve deeper and discover new tools and resource for a tailored plan towards happiness. There are lots of small and meaningful actions you can take right now. To help you create more happiness in your life.

For many of us, happiness can be created through the acceptance of what we already have. For other's it's about creating change to open up opportunities in life.

Happiness is a big word, that will mean lots of different things to different people. So before you read on, grab a pen and paper and create your happiness vision.

What do you need more or less of in your life, to feel happy? Don’t just think about possessions that make you cheerful, consider qualities and values too e.g time with family, a loving safe relationship, the courage to say no. These are all great ways of bringing your happiness vision to the forefront of your here and now. Creating a clear direction of where to head, to be that happier version of yourself.

10 simple ways to bring more happiness in your life.

  1. Celebrate - Take time to notice all the good stuff in your life that brings you joy, delight and jolliness. Remember to put your whole self at the forefront of your celebration too. Many clients have started Gratitude Journals to keep tabs on the fantastic, fabulous and merry moments from the day/week.

  2. Get Creative – you don’t have to be a “creative” person. Engage in hobbies and interests that bring you contentedness and give you space and time for wholesome feelings within.

  3. Positive People – people who love life fuel the fire of happiness. Make sure you have positive people in a all aspects of your life. These optimistic interactions help you energies that feeling of happiness.

  4. Smash out a smile – smiling and laughter help us to relax, reduce stress, release tension and helps feel good. Start to see laughter as the emotional workout for flexing those happiness muscles.

  5. Be a kind companion to your emotions – making time and space to understand and acknowledge your challenges. Allowing yourself to be at this deeper level with yourself, can be helpful in learning to heal and move beyond tricky experiences. Happiness isn’t just about pretending or ignoring the uncomfortable or painful parts of life. It’s knowing that there is hope to work through to the other side of adversity. Learning ways to cope & resolve challenge and change and build resilience into your life. Knowing that on the other side is hope, where happiness can begin to reside again.

  6. Value rest – remember to value time for rest and recuperation. Its harder to notice the joyful, beautiful and awesome aspects of life, when we are running low on physical or mental fuel. Get great rest, sleep and space for yourself.

  7. See yourself as a contributor – giving makes us feel amazing. gifting, volunteering or sharing knowledge “sharing is caring” and the altruistic nature of our soul gets great benefit from being a contributor to happiness in the world. As psychology today explain in their article on The Neuroscience of Giving While the brain is remarkably complex, the neurochemical drivers of happiness are quite easy to identify. Dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin make up the Happiness Trifecta . Any activity that increases the production of these neurochemicals will cause a boost in mood. It’s really that simple." (Eva Rivito, 2014)

  8. Move more – Move, exercise and gain the benefits of positive endorphins in our body that enrich mind and thinking too.

  9. Say no– happiness is stolen away when we compromise our time and energy frequently in an attempt to please others, oat the cost of ourselves. If this is a problem, for you. Learn to love your limitations. Say no when you need to and notice how much more time you have for positive interactions and engagements with others. Read The HuffPost posts article on “Why saying ‘Yes’ to saying ‘No’ can make you happier "– to discover Psychologist Jonathan Alpert's tips on how to say no.

  10. Limit negativity– environments or people that sap the life out of life, need to be treated carefully when it comes to maintaining happiness in our lives. It takes a lot of resources to deal with misery and mayhem. Avoid drama and keep on the path towards an easy life. Avoid reading negative news or scrolling through critical comments on social media. Consider the environments and people you keep and stay away from toxicity when you get the choice.

Have a go and make yourself happier.

Got some great tips to create more happiness in your life. Leave them in the comments.

Ready to upscale the happiness in your life, find out how coaching can help and book in a free 15 minute discovery call here

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