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Am I Ok?

Am I Ok?

Three simple words that so often go overlooked.

I recently asked attendees at a well-being workshop, "How many times do you ask yourself this question?" "How many times might you check in with your inner self and define if actually everything is ...ok?"

It was no surprise that all hands remained firmly in laps.

We live in a busy world where we can get into habits of "just doing" , of "soldiering on", "Ploughing through" and "heading to the finish line"

We begin to calibrate or connect with our inner self less and less.

If we were told to simply ignore our loved one, a friend, spouse or boss for the foreseeable future we would probably find this pretty awkward, uncomfortable and unpleasant.

So why do we take such ease in ignoring our self?

Have you ever heard a cat when it needs food? It starts with a mediocre Meow and quickly escalates to a loud and intrusive wail until it's needs are met.

Our body's react in a pretty similar way.

We may be stressed, frustrated, sad, over-worked, excited, afraid, confused and our body will begin to send us messages ( a little nudge) like a head-ache, or thirst or fatigue or perhaps a skin condition and yet we are determined to plough through until (just like the hungry cat) our body has to shout really loud to get heard-A Migraine, Intrusive thoughts or even hair loss perhaps.

It will do it's very best to slow us down, to take note, siren's on full alert! Are you listening yet?

What if, instead of this pattern of being blindly-unaware to INTO THE DANGER ZONE, we took action to care for our needs early and routinely.. like a new habit?

What if we could have much of what we want in life, the eb and flow. The excitement, the challenge. And the calm and content too. Perhaps we can.

Prioritising our check-in. That pit-stop that tops up our resources.

Helps use fuel, helps us reflect, helps us re-balance.

Just a simple "hit pause" button. Three words and then (of course) a swift commitment to resolve our need, to take action, before things get a little bit out of hand.

Ask yourself this now- Am I Ok?

Picture sourced - Evan Dennis - Unsplash

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