And here it is... Thank You

And so it's almost there, Christmas! And with just a few bits and bobs to tie up tomorrow morning I will be switching off for a few days while I connect with family and friends and of course my self!

It's been a remarkable year and an intriguing one at that, with opportunities coming from places I hadn't thought to look and moments that have giving me lessons i will hold on to for the future.

It's been a year of alcohol-free for me and a year of stepping into new zones of comfort and further shimmying my way through the abundant pathways of life and business.

As I reflect, I am filled with a sense of immense gratitude to all my clients and business connections for making this adventure continuously possible.

It is so inspiring to work alongside such amazing people who take themselves to vulnerable, sometimes uncomfortable and often unknown places to achieve their goals. Watching that moment when people shift the parts that no longer are useful, reconnect with a part they lost or create a new way to think and feel.... it still remains Magical!

Being part of a clients' change work continues to be a trusted and privileged place to be alongside. It's so exciting to share the learning I have accumulated with people, to help them understand and grow into healthier, happier places in their life.

It seems remarkable to me that we know so little of our mind and yet it is at our very core.

Here's to continued thanks, new gifts of learning and the ever intriguing discovery of connecting with our self and figuring all this stuff out!

Merry Christmas everyone.

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