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Comfort in Difference -discovering self.

As we (hopefully) wind down for the festive period there is a chance to reflect on the years past and look ahead to the future and what opportunities life can bring.

For me, it is a time to reflect on the wonderful and creative differences that I get to experience in my work and life and look forward to those connections I discover in 2019 and beyond.

At one time in my life difference seemed daunting, and unnerving and resulted in my closing down to opportunities, adventures and experiences that felt unfamiliar.

Now I am able to embrace change, seek new and exciting experiences and embrace an acceptance of others' "difference" as part of my very core. Feeling safe and comfortable to receive this diversity of thought, diversity of being and of doing.

Of course being part of "something" is a safe space to be and often forms part of our identity. Consider for a moment how you take it to the next level and be individual in a collective. When you find that, you know then where you truly have safety and comfort!

Where news stories have told us to be scared of difference, I have been lucky to counter-balance this through connections with unique and powerful personalities.

Coaching clients brings with it the greatest reward. Exploring people's individual/personal viewpoints of the world and shifting perspectives to help life feel comfortable. This open's up the opportunity to have new outlook and experience. Making it an easier, happier and assured version of what you do , say, think; holding a sense of confidence in the choices you make, where perhaps this lacked in the past.

Simple explanations around communication, how we take in the world and navigate our version of experiences assist in peoples' acceptance of self and others. That light-bulb moment, where everything slips into place and you can reaffirm...I am ok! I am fabulous! I have all the resources I need at my finger tips!

Then comes the even more exciting bit, where you go on to be that different self, achieving in new ways and owning your space, choice and the way you live life.

This is the difference I strive for! The being ok with being who you are ( really really ok!). .... from there the rest is pretty easy!

Having a space to be your self is so important in the process of receiving the uniqueness of others. I have had the opportunity this year to experience a wonderful variety of people each able to teach me something new from their perspective. In turn this informs me of something new or useful for myself as i let these differences into my world.

It has been a delight to create a space where people feel they can truly be themselves, and even better that they take that belief with them as they leave the door.

Moment to Pause

I encourage you to pause for a second and take in the difference and experience of those you spend time with, find comfort in how this differs to you, in whatever form is right for you. And from this hold with you a sentence in your mind that offers acceptance and celebration of who you are and what you have to bring to others and what they bring to you. With this find peace, and calm and comfort.

My continued thanks to all the unique, weird and wonderful people who enhance and comfort my world!

Merry Christmas.


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