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Do that thing you love!

Life can be busy, hectic and with that it can sometimes feel hard to really connect with your emotions and experiences of the day until they are at a point where they shout at you like a stroppy teenager attempting to get noticed.

Ever had that feeling where you feel or think the experience in hindsight....."Wow I have just stopped for a second and noticed that that thing from earlier made me feel really stressed, or worried or frustrated".... that moment of stillness to really process a moment from before...emotional inertia of a busy life.

With busy lifestyles do you make time to get in some fun and enjoyable stuff as part of your daily routine?

Think about something you love doing... It might be a hobby, or time with a friend... It might simply be something that makes you laugh... It may even be your job - if you are lucky enough.

Notice how (when you are doing that thing you love) you are much more in tune with that moment right there.

The simple pleasure of doing something you love:

A great way to just exist and replenish your mind and body with positive hormones and re-energise.

It doesn't have to be an all out expense or a full day of "boss-level-joy" either!

Consider how great it feels to be kind to others and have kindness given to you from another.

Now consider how amazing it is to give and receive kindness for yourself too.

You can make this a daily habit!

Imagine if for every day we did 3-5 things we loved as routine. How do you think this would help you to feel stronger in the face of the day's challenges? Curious? Have a go!

Witnessing someone doing something they love can be infectious too so lets celebrate that! (We may even vicariously experience that joy a little bit for ourselves -seeing their pleasure and enjoyment).

This week is World Mental Health Day a day to acknowledge how important our mental health and well-being is to our experience in life. Let's not wait until Thursday. Start now. Find a moment in your day, each day this week to do something you love. As small or as adventurous as you see fit.

I have made myself a list of 7 things I love doing to build into my week and ignite your own inspiration & joy to do the same.

  1. Walk in my favourite local woodland wrapped up warm in the wind.

  2. Sing/dance/laugh in my kitchen while making delicious food.

  3. Explore my bookcase, running my hands up and down to choose -at random- a book to dip into for a chapter or two while perched on my spare room bed.

  4. Mix together bubble baths to make an epic bubble concoction for a warm bath and podcast.

  5. Celebrate a moment of achievement or learning with each client.

  6. Take opportunities to help someone in their day.

  7. Go visit the sea or a waterfall.

What will be those moments you gift to yourself?

Will you make each day a day to have a moment of doing something you love?

I will leave you with this little delight Click Here Enjoy!

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