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Fill your day with love

In coaching we often talk about anchors, there are a lot of things we do with anchors to help the Coachee/Client to change the way they think and feel that are far too detailed and in depth here.

A way to explore one aspect of anchors is simply to think of a song that really represents something for you. Perhaps a holiday, or your first dance with you spouse, or maybe even a song that you don't enjoy listening too because of the sadness you feel - linked to it is the memory of loss or a break up.

This is a simple way of exploring how we anchor something to an emotion, feeling or sense. Attaching those connections in our mind.

This is something that we can access so easily that sometimes we might not have even realised we have heard the song and yet we get the feeling we associate with it, or the memory comes to mind?

Pretty clever stuff really, considering all the information our brain absorbs throughout our life.

Thank you Brain!

So in a similar way our association with people themselves can form anchors.

This is where we can do something really lovely for ourselves and something that I have been putting into my day of late as a lovely gift to start the day.

The Process

  • Start by taking some lovely deep breaths in and out.

  • You may want to close your eyes when you do it, but probably read the rest of this before you do or it might get a bit tricky.

  • Take some more deep breaths and call to mind a person who represents a sense of love or loveliness for you.

  • As you do this, notice what changes in your body.

  • Make that thought even stronger if you like and allow all the lovely representation of that person to connect in your mind.

  • You may even want to place your hands on the places in your body you feel that love most.

Fill your day with love from the start......have a play around here.... maybe you need a top up throughout the day and just need to bring that person to your mind again.

Maybe all you need to do is put your hand back to the place you connected that love with most?

Clever Brain. Clever You...... Thank your You!

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