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Finding the perfect playlist

This week I have been easing back into work and picking up where I left off, before the festive period began.

I started off the year by creating a new playlist to listen to in a variety of situations and activities, from running and exercising.... to motivating me through household chores... from relaxation.... to belting out-loud on car journeys and tapping into my creative-space for workshop creations.

In the process of choosing tracks for the latest version of "MyPlaylist" I have been enjoying the opportunity I had, in the process, to coordinate a symphony of tunes that accompany my every day me.

What starts out as an upbeat and pavement-pounding selection of tracks (aligned to my January optimism and desire for the outdoors) finding it's way to music that gives me no choice but to dance then begins to weave through tracks that are more reminiscent, some more sombre ....more Autumn.....

I was debating whether these more nostalgic/evocative songs should make it onto the selection? Something I was entitling " 2019" .... something which in it's very edit was representing a new and fresh year... to dance and sing my way through life's with......

In considering this I remembered the importance of the message I give out to others as we discover, accept and give ourselves permission for who we are and what we do....(changing only the bits that really cause us problems or service us no favours in our vision of a happy life.)

So, giving my self the same message I delved deeper into the tracks that represent loss or lead me to warble out-loud through teary eyes. .... knowing that these songs are just as important to keeping my sense of self as the ones that aid my "gazelle" leaps forward on a run".

I often use music in workshops and 1-2-1 sessions -whether in the literal sense or in the process of a client developing their perfect theme tune in their head; to own alongside confidence or when holding their stature in a public speaking forum..... it's a simple technique and has always been received with a sense of true ownership and power for the person using the music/lyrics to have and hold their own presence......

So this week.... consider your own tracks for a personal playlist..... maybe 7-14 of your favourite cacophony (awesome word!) of melody's and beats..... ride the wave of their emotions or take time with the lyrics that you know so well. Perhaps hear new words with a new understanding or notice a beat or rhythm hidden out of earshot before. The memories or stills in our mind that attach themselves to each song are there to be embraced, processed and possibly even let-free in the end for new memories and songs of events still yet to be experienced.....

We are, after-all, an ever changing playlist ourselves. Knowing and feeling ALL our emotions is ok..... we are ok, awesome even!

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