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Finding your connections

This time of year often brings with it the tradition of card writing. Exchanging and receiving messages from around the country and even around the world. Frantically searching for stamps to meet the final Christmas post or recalling parents driving round the village where I grew up hand delivering cards last minute.

I have never been much for writing and sending cards, preferring to save the paper and reach out to people in other means through telephone and face to face. Despite not sending them myself, I continue to appreciate the time and consideration of others to reach out and connect with me. Reading messages of love and kindness, celebrating hope for the year to come.

Connection, in this form, is a powerful gesture.The connections we form, both lasting and fleeting become a powerful and influential part of our own identity, and sense of self. Those of us who experience the greatest connections are benefiting from optimum happiness and ease.

I recently recognised how an aspect of my own life had become disconnected from this happiness and ease. In the past I may have allowed this to continue and time to pass allowing a part of me to float off into an abyss somewhere until rediscovered- often a little too late. This process can be quite painful both emotionally and physically. Losing a sense of self/a part of you can only result in being disjointed. Today, however, I am grateful to have resources to quickly spot and resolve disconnection, Taking action quickly to find the things i need to do and be to feel myself.

Having broken or lost connections can cause us to feel confused or disjointed with who we are. Loneliness, anxiety, a change in routine,or loss of someone your knew and loved. All of this takes a process of figuring out where and how our new and changing connections will form and what that means.

Being connected.

Keep the connections that make you shine: There will be people, hobbies, environments that make a world of difference to your feelings and experience of a positive world.

Shine your light: We are powerful beings full of energy that we can connect with others. Be proud to sparkle that light to others and create strong and rewarding connections.

Healthy Connections - consider how the connections benefit and enrich your goals and sense of being . Do they assist in reaching happiness or do they only act to sabotage your best intentions? Find the resources you need to maintain healthy connections and strengthen yourself in the face of unhelpful ones.

How I reconnect

For me connection with myself is the most powerful experience. It's taken practice and continues to evolve and shift. I now have a robust strategy to find and ground my own connection ensuring a keep my happiness and purpose intact.

This starts with simply breathing in a calm and safe space.

I also love to read something inspirational that activates my connection with curiosity and excitement.

I take simple steps to connect and communicate with people I love and enrich my life.

Nature is a massive connection for me providing space to just be me. A walk in the woods is always a quick fix to connecting with me.

And I never overlook doing something fun, that inner child is often stifled by the decisions and experiences we make as adults. An injection of something fun realign me with all those parts of me that work to keep things wonderful.

If you feel disjointed or want to reconnect; coaching and change work can help with this.

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