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Forget-Me-Nots - Guiding ourselves & knowing what is precious.

Have you been spending the time recently, to really connect with what is important to you?

This has certainly been something that clients have shared with me and something I have explored as well.

As we now adjust to the changing circumstances, we will all have had a shift in some of our day to day routine (major or small).

There is stuff that we can’t do and took for granted.

There is probably stuff you can now do, and are delighting in.

Slower paces, staying at home and adapting has bought with it, for some, a narrative of impending fear.

The fear that this simplicity you know now, will be lost in the future.

Whether this be the valuable protected time you hold with your children.

The space you have in your mind to create & develop the business ideas you had on hold.

The motivation to run because the exhilaration of outdoor freedom just became ever more rewarding.

There might be a sense of anxiety, or resentment. Grappling at how you hold on to the important things in life.

Are we comparing our old habits, to the now and believing that is all we can have in the future. That post-lock-down will look something like that hectic lifestyle you were living before.

Where once we were stepping into the future, you might have found you are already digging your heals firmly in the now.

What can this time teach us? Now you are paying attention, connected to those simple things that sit most with your values.

The stuff you have lost, and you look forward to having back in reach.

The stuff that you left behind and have replaced with those simple delights you forgot were even more important to you.

These realisations, I call these forget-me-nots.

The little gems of knowledge & understanding about our purpose & connection. The things that attune us to a place of satisfaction, comfort and delight.

With space to do so, take time to note these down. Write, doodle, as a poem, a song or thought in your head. Something you can revisit when you most need to.

This is not just about the materialistic stuff.

This is a delve right into the very core. The bits that are oh so much more than just that. The feelings, the thoughts. The things that fill your heart with the greatest rewards. That sense of being the most of yourself.

Keep this in your wallet, or somewhere safe. To seek out as you need.

And remember, you have choices in the future. Imagine that you see your next steps through the lens of your most valued forget-me-nots.

What will you return to? What will you discover more of? And what will you leave behind.

These forget-me nots are a gift to yourself. A commitment to be kinder and considerate of your relatedness.

They can help us to set up your expectations for the future too.

They are there to navigate you to the good stuff.

Gill Edwards says in her book Living Magically “Love might seem like an airy-fairy, romantic, idealistic concept – all very well for weekends and holidays, but not very relevant to our everyday, toast-and-marmalade, bills-and-office-lunch reality. But love can become part of every moment of our lives. Love is not just about intimate, sexual relationships, but about all of our relationships with self, with friends, with family, with colleagues, with strangers, with animals, with nature, with possessions, with money, with our work, with our body, with ideas, with the planet, with our Dreams, with All That Is.”

Could it be that in these times of complete unfamiliar, we are more connected to a sense of self-love then we have been in a long time?

Source - Gill Edwards, Living Magically, 1991 (2009 Edition)

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