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Keeping the constant

This time of year begins to be ( for many) a time for considering change. A time to contemplate what you can do differently? What new goals you are set to achieve in the year?

But are you giving time and reflection to the things that you want to keep the same?

I am talking about the things that have really worked for you, how often do you take a moment to notice these?

Reflecting on the stuff we might do with out even a second thought now, from creating an epic meal that makes friends and family salivate to taking time out to restock and re-energise these are all skills that help us to level out, or excel. They may be habitual, and feel completely natural, and yet they are beneficial.

Like noticing petals in the palm of your hand.

This year I have been able to revitalise some skills and hobbies that I had put to one side, now back in their most resourceful and active places I have seen certain aspects of my life grow and thrive.... I make a conscious note to hold these aspects of my life in the constant.... a natural space where they are ever living and part of me, making life just that little bit easier, helping me to extend the simplicity of being me!

You have those things too, and can become attune to calling them out once in a while and be thankful for those smaller constant aspects of you that show up just when you need them, without even noticing sometimes... these parts of you can be pretty stealth!

What are the things you do naturally, the things that organically enhance you and your life?... Take time to give these some credit and some more time to give credit to yourself for gifting them in your life and knowing to keep them safe within?

To discover these aspect of you, you can ask yourself questions like;

What am I great at?

What is so easy for me?

What do I do that helps me?

What am I thankful for?

How am I kind to myself?

What can I give credit for now that I haven't noticed for a while?

These moments of acknowledgement and gratitude form an essential part of our self-knowing and a greater connection with our inner abilities. This process alone ( of reflecting, noticing and gratifying) can lead to a further sense of contentment and fulfillment in life and within ourselves.

So while you set goals and plan exciting new things to develop, lets take this moment to be thankful for the parts that just work perfectly as they are. And while they are enriching our lives, lets keep them in the constant.

Pictures _ Unsplash - Diego PH & J-S Romeo

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