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Meaningful Interactions-Meaningful Actions

Communication is an integral part of making our way in the world. Mastering (or at least become more familiar with) the meaning of meaning...making a world of difference to our world.

Whether it's making a change in your personal life, exploring career options or developing your business the connection between interaction and actions are often the things that help to the move mountains or put them in your way.

More importantly those relationships (personal or professional) that align our goals, dreams and objectives are crucial in mastering the balance of meaningful.

Balance out a perfect conversation and connection with well matched actions and behaviours and you will find in no time that you are on that right path.

Communication and understanding how your interact with other people, can be extremely helpful when navigating and resolving a challenge, barrier or goal.

We know that each individual is just that...individual.... but how often do your actions in communication really optimise understanding, action and outcome easily and efficiently?

Those times, when communication isn't working too well, those niggling emotions come out such as frustration, annoyance, avoidance, depression... that hinder the path to success even further.

In turn this effects the actions that we can or can't take.

Viscous Circle.... head in a spin.....what next?

I recently delivered a training session on conflict resolution and negotiation. (Now things don't have to get to an extreme conflict situation to feel stuck in the path of achieving your outcome).

This session allows me to explore a really effective technique that explores a participant being guided through a sequence of interaction from past or present..... looking at perspectives and drawing new view points on an interaction with others that didn't go so well.

Taking the participant into a reflection and recollection of how they and the other person interacted and how in deed that lead to the actions or behaviours that resulted in a conflict (visible or not).... this opens up learning.... opportunity and communicate and act different.... with new wisdom and belief.

Ever left a conversation feeling like you had a completely different conversation to the person you were chatting with?.... or handed out instructions ...only to be left with an entirely unrelated piece of work from a coworker or team mate?...... that hazy vague part of communication is easy to miss initially... we can be , admittedly, a little sloppy in our commitment to fabulous communication. .....clumping words together to mean something we think everyone understands without clarifying.... adding "sentence punctuation statements" like "you know what i mean" ....or "but hey ho".... "t'is what it is).... as if these random generalisations in some way provide clarity......

The power of words and action are intertwined..... a word can result in action or inaction.....

An action can result in lost words, or powerful words....

Coaching opens up doors... mouths even... to be clear, concise and proactive in your interactions with others.

Effective communication is massively under-rated.... That little gem of a word, or tone that holds the key to a sealed deal, a more connected relationship.... to trust .... and understanding... is just around the corner with a bit of practice its organic.... it grows and can help you to grow too. `

So what does meaningful interaction get for you?

Build rapport and optimise connections with others.

Understand how to connect or disconnect with each other in our words and actions.

Take opportunities to grasp your behaviours and actions and learn to shift and change the less helpful ones.

Create descriptions that aid others to buy in and interconnect with a message.

Transform the unhelpful exchanges into useful enriching ones.

Respond instead of reacting.

Find the words and actions that will give you the meaningful stuff you really aim to engage with.

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