Monday Morning Moon Mission

I often find that Monday morning is a bit of a sluggish-start -kind-of-a-day... perhaps an extra cup of coffee, that twenty minutes more in bed.... a bit of procrastination with a chosen playlist for the days car journey's shaking off the adventures of the weekend....

Today however I was sprightly and efficient..... having planned last night to observe the Lunar Eclipse. The alarm clock was set for 5am ( a little early then the usual get up) .... I went to bed at a civilised time to up-the-chances of being awake and just before bed I entertained a little bit of conscious/unconscious dialogue to increase my chances of the earlier morning rise... This ensured that actually 30 seconds before the alarm went off I had already blinked my first blink of the day. ( When my trainer Alan told me his wife never set an alarm and just relied on her unconscious to get her awake....I never initially believed it.....Now having learned to love and trust in mine the alarm is somewhat more of a little joke between the pragmatic conscious and the free flowing mind.)

My first thought of "oooh warmth"- having noted initially the very warm cozy 4 season duvet and the evidently less-warm air outside of my nest - was one that only lasted fleetingly. I then remembered why i was up so early.....embracing my "geek" I really wanted to see the moon!..... warm clothes on, dog prepped and ready for a sightlier early walk I indulged in the silence against the backdrop of the Eclipse.....everything about my goal ( as small and insignificant as it might have been) had been achieved... whoop whoop.... I saw the moon in it's many phases of the Eclipse and noted that I hadn't ever really thought about us (earth) being sandwiched between the moon and the sun in that much conscious awareness before....

On my walk I congratulated myself on the success of abandoning my snooze time to take in an experience which was calming and invigorating all at once .... Considering my enjoyment of sleep, embarking on the cold the crisp lunar-air is something to be celebrated......

The walk this morning gave me space to consider other tasks and milestones that I have achieved recently and those spanning wider into my history (why not extend my "oh-well-done-Jennie" Vibe.... it felt like a perfect Monday mood)..... . just allowing my thoughts to flicker through each one... I also thought about the things I hadn't quite met and achieved.... I can hold these thoughts free of guilt or scrutiny acknowledging that they all contribute to my purpose, experience and will most likely be my words of wisdom when I grow old. Many now feel funny to look back on.

Knowing now that goals are only right for you.... if they are right for you on many levels..... something I am grateful to understand..... if not the change you really need or discard....move on....change something and in the end it's going to be right....

Coaching has given me opportunities to be as brave about goals that don't meet my needs, happiness or priorities as it has those ones that require big steps, decisions and commitments in life and reap happiness and satisfaction yourself space to find out whats right for you.... what part of the jigsaw is missing to make the full picture work.....the offer of a different perspective ... a birds eye view on things such as value, environment, belief and the part you are going to play in achieving

The many phases of the Eclipse.... captured by S.Quinn Leeds 21.01.2019

it..... from here it's surprising how much easier change can happen....

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