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Motivation - Are you really motivated for change?

Working with personal and professional change, motivation is a pretty hot topic. In fact this is often a starting point, in exploring with a client, the change they set to achieve.

There are some key parts of changing or resourcing new behaviours that involve Motivation which I will explore in the blog this week:

Firstly, the motivation to recognise a need for something different - this comes with a varied level of insight and understanding about what the problem is and on some level how it will need to change for things to be better or different in your life/business.

There is also the motivation to be or do the change, by this I mean explore and learn new or different ways of living your life, completing a task or handling the behaviours of those around you.

Without motivation to apply self -taught skills, or be coached on varied approaches to handling your issue or goal, the goal or issue will remain the same. This is the process of learning how and changing for the better.

I often hear people say "I don't have time" or " I didn't know how" . In reality these kind of statements identify that the motivation to change may be limiting the outcome. That the goal is not as much as a priority as perhaps initially explored. This could be because you actually don't desire the change as much as you first anticipated. OR , could be uncovering additional gaps in your knowledge, skills or capabilities to achieve the change ( for example - you'd rather watch TV then prioritise that run because you value comfort over fitness, or you actually don't feel confident to sell yourself at interview so you remain in the job that makes you unhappy)

Then there is the factor of sustaining and maintaining the new way of doing, seeing things and achieving - particularly when the change you have embarked upon is linked to habits or behaviours you have managed to shift or control so far ( Smoking, drinking, anger management, weight loss for example). This is when change or a goal becomes a change in life, or life changing and a part of who you are now and moving forward.

Let's think about ways you can explore whether motivation is currently present in your goal setting, do you relate to one or more of these quick fire statements when you consider your goal?

Quick Fire Self -Check

Some quick ways to explore whether you are ready for change and can be motivated to enable it to happen.

  1. The change benefits you and is not solely informed by others opinion.

  2. You actually want it to happen, or at least believe you do currently?

  3. You are motivated to commit to the change happening?

  4. You are prepared to ask for help to support your goal to be realised?

  5. You recognise that change may involve multiple steps?

  6. You can imagine what it is like and how you might feel when the change is achieved and this is positive?

  7. When you consider the change you feel connected and empowered by it's possibilities on some level.

  8. The motivation is ethical and enhances your wider experience of life with others.

Things that influence motivation ( Motivating or Demotivating?):

Exploring how these aspects motivate or demotivate you can be helpful in establishing your plan for change.

  • Emotional Response ( Love, Lust, Passion, Fear, Envy, Anger, Fun, Happiness for example)

  • Belief and Self-Talk ( Motivating or Critical?)

  • Incentives, Status and Rewards ( Promotion, Money, Prizes, Accolades, Social Lifestyle)

  • The size and clarity of the goal ( Achievable Vs too easy, the ease to imagine yourself achieving it VS feeling it's impossible)

  • Plans & Vision ( A sense of possibility or obstacles in your way?)

  • Role Models and Peer Support ( A chance for inspiration/ideas and support VS zapping confidence and possibility)

  • A sense of purpose, autonomy and empowerment ( In simple terms freedom and worth!)

Motivation is a mindset, a way of being and is aligned to your sense of self, of purpose and opens up the vision for possibilities. It is influenced by the multi layers of our life, our environment, what we value, our beliefs about who we are and who we think we should be. The capabilities we have. It is the key to connecting with the bigger sense of our self and our purpose in life. Pretty significant hey?

Check out this TedTalk by Carrie Green that explores how your mind influences or can limit motivation.

For help with #motivation and #change get in touch.

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