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New Perspectives: Inspiration & Motivation

After a busy weekend celebrating a family members birthday and lapping up plenty of sea air over in Southport, I settled down last night to watch a film.

I stumbled across an awe inspiring film called "Charged" the story of Eduardo Garcia who was walking in Remote Montana when he was electrocuted by 2400 volts.... changing his life for ever.

Now this film comes with a very large graphic warning, as it details his recovery in the hospital.

I love films like this, because they flip my perspective of life and possibility completely on it's head. And if you ever want to model someone's positive attitude this guy is a serious optimist.

And while the film won't be for everyone and this blog is by no means a plea to watch it. It got me thinking about the power of perspective and how changing the way we look at something, a situation we face or a problem we haven't resolved, even a goal we set for ourselves, this is often the point at which we change our belief and develop new capabilities to do things differently.

For me this is a core principle of change work: Change your view, change your possibility!

There is a common saying, no idea where it originates so Kudos to who ever thought it up,

"if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change".

What a brilliant tip for the conflicts and barriers we face in life!

Some common examples of where we see these changing perspectives grow into strength and power might be a novice runner, who starts barely running a lap and feeling that a 10k, half marathon or even iron man suddenly with practice run's their first 5k and from there they inch each week to success and fitness.

The person afraid of heights who does their first bungee jump and after that feels fearless in the face of choice and decision.

Reading books, watching a film or engaging in activities, where there are people already excelling at your dreams is powerful.... it's inspiring and can get our adrenaline pumping and our creativity flowing.

If you go away thinking "I could never do that" consider asking yourself again " how could i do that, and what would it look like for me"

Think about when you go for a new job and how easy it is to dream away your first salary.

Possibility feeds motivation.

Quick Wins for changing your perspective and engaging in motivation and inspiration:

  • Read a book, article or film that inspires you (even if it's unrelated to your own goals).

  • Set meaningful goals - think big and then chunk down into the steps you will take to get towards that goal (Think SMART).

  • Express your ideas - talking or writing about your inspiration and dreams is a great way to feel connected to it, whilst allowing you time to see all perspectives.

  • Create a motivating playlist - such a simple thing yet a sure fire way to optimise your feels and connect to your goals.

  • Fuelling with the good stuff - keep re-hydrated and replenished with recommended foods to get creativity and optimism flowing (try fruit/veg/nuts/green tea and even the odd glass of red wine are said to get your brain in that creative space - in moderation).

  • Connect to a space. Indoors or Out. Think uninterrupted time to think. Whether this is committing to Yoga/Mindfulness, walking or running outdoors or even just a quiet cozy space to sit and ponder.

If you feel you are currently met with internal or external barriers to achieving your goal. A great way to figure out how to gain a new perspective and set steps to engaging and motivating is to do a quick test through the points below.

  1. What do you want?

  2. What steps have you taken so far?

  3. Is the goal the right size (too big/too small)?

  4. What stops you?

  5. What else do you need to get you there?

  6. What will happen when you get to this?

  7. Who inspires you and what is it about them that motivates you?

Feel free to share your inspirations and motivation tips here or on JKChangework Facebook page

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