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Running out of Time.

Time is an odd thing….

I often hear people saying they “ran out of time" or that there "wasn't enough time. Usually this is met with a saddened face, a tut of regret or a tone of fast-paced anxiety.

I have a few short-break holidays coming up and I know from past experience that this means those few weeks of work (around the adventures) will require efficiency and planning to do what I need/want to do, and set myself boundaries around what to realistically expect to achieve.

Many clients will come across “time” in their sessions when exploring an issue. It may be that they have been too ambitious, impatient with the speed of things or perhaps have allowed time between work and home-life to seep into each other (at the verge of or experiencing burn-out).

Becoming aware of how we and others “Do Time” can be like discovering a winning scratch-card or switching on some magic light-bulb that allows you to see and do things in a totally “new light” …. When I learned this stuff it was a real epiphany.

I thought I would focus on three key areas of “time” that seem to crop up in situations like managing work/life balance, progressing in your career or reducing anxiety for example.

If you come to a session with an issue and time is a factor, it won’t take us long to suss this out…. You might have completely overlooked it. It’s very simple to adjust and learn, yet taking action will yield significant results.


Prioritising can be a proper conundrum. Whether it’s that you are working towards a specific deadline or one which isn’t clear. I used to do the “stuff” I enjoyed doing first and then hit panic button when I still had significant tasks to complete.

Phrases like “need” to do, “want” to do “have” to do, are all part of a prioritising pattern. Ever really considered how you make the decision to put things in the order you do? Ever wondered what would happen if you understood how you made these selections – often unconsciously?


I was going to talk about procrastination but I couldn’t be bothered!..... Only joking!

Procrastination or the inaction/delay of completing a task, goal or activity is another aspect that crops up and impacts our sense of time and can ultimately contribute to problems in our life. Procrastination can be linked to high standards, fear of uncertainty and perfectionism. That great destructor of time! Understanding your procrastination patterns and delving into the process of putting things off will enable you to resolve these behaviours and flow more easily/take control of getting on and DOING.

Re-arranging time

What if you could move time around, like jigsaw pieces, chunk it larger/smaller, slow it down with relaxation or speed it up with efficiency. Well you can. Ordering and rearranging time are great ways to manage and structure your hours, days and life in a way that works better for you. Life can cause us some really tricky issues….feeling rushed, out of control, worrying, maybe evening experiencing panic attacks.

Understanding “Time” through coaching can help with things like anger and frustration…

Perhaps someone you know or work with is always late and this gets you really annoyed…

Perhaps you get anxious and set off mega early to work/activities/meetings which means you have to compromise time from other activities?

You lose time in the day and miss out on things that you feel would enrich your life.

You want to grow your business but you choose the tasks that don’t build your networks and brand?

You lose sleep over worries and find time in the day just slips away?

These are just some other examples of time not working in our favour.

Fear not… there is still time to learn, reorganised and make time your useful companion rather than a destructive master!

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