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Sleepless nights stealing your days?

Despite this time of year making you feel like you want to build a nest and snuggle down to hibernate for winter many of us will not benefit from the dark nights in terms of sleep; continuing to be and feel tired. Experiencing wakeful nights, sleepy days and lacking sleep. According to "The Great British Bedtime Report" back in 2013 33% of us were sleeping under 5 hours a night ( The sleep council/Opinion Matters 2013) reporting poor nights sleep.

So what does sleep have to do with coaching?

A Lot!

Imagine embarking on a journey across a 4 day desert trek knowing you only have 2 days

of food and drink.... you would probably think again before starting out in the heat!?

Just the same in everyday life, you run low on sleep and you limit your chances to motivate and excel in life goals, you are missing a key resource to be the ultimate version of you!.

What's more - there is a reason why you aren't sleeping well! Worry, frustration, lack of peace, anxiety, busy head, fear. ..... often the very thing you want to overcome in coaching in your broader life, is directly linked with your sleep/rest balance.

Insomnia and poor sleep doesn't have best friends, it can impact any of us. From the office manager rushing to meet a sales target to the plumber worrying about money being tight over winter, sleepless nights are experienced by a huge majority of us. This could be the odd night a month or last week in week out... ever heard anyone say "I can't remember the last time I had a good nights sleep" and really mean it?

To get into an improved state of sleeping is really simple, when you know how. The benefits are amazing especially when meeting your goals and feeling resilience to make the important changes you want to in your life.

When your stuck in the cycle of restless nights it becomes a bit of a chicken and egg conundrum. Did the lack of sleep cause the problem or the problem cause the lack of sleep?

Benefiting from a great and regular nights sleep is a really beautiful gift to have for yourself and those around you. So consider this........

Restless Night checklist:

  • Is the environment you sleep in uncomfortable/messy/noisy/too bright/to hot/too cold?

  • Are you experiencing racing thoughts/busy head at night?

  • Are you having nightmares that wake you up or make you feel like you haven't slept properly?

  • Do you tend to use your phone late at night or watch TV/ search the internet in bed?

  • Do other people in your house effect your sleep routine with their own?

  • Do you often drink alcohol before bedtime or have caffeine?

If the answer to any of the above is yes then the good news is there is hope and exploring those contributing factors, setting goals will aid improving sleep. Establishing really easy techniques to improve your routines can make major changes in how you rest and really feel rested.

Together we are able to take a birds-eye view on the factors of your life that currently cause you issues. Those problems that you really want to change. Thinking about how work impacts on the feelings and thoughts that consume your mind day or night? Bringing calm to a conflict that replays its many scenes in your head to the point of exhaustion. Know you are not alone to break the cycle of the things that just do your head in and stop you from fully loving life

It's common to be apprehensive about sharing worries and problems with others. Perhaps feeling they will seem trivial when said out loud? Having a safe space to say things is really important and can start a wonderfully freeing process to getting some more space in that wonderful mind of yours!

Change the way you feel, think and react to experiences in your waking day and spend nights dreaming of new opportunities, feeling peaceful and allowing your mind to work its wonders and resolve and resource you for an overall better life.

So what could that mean? More energy, more motivation, more really-awake days. ...oooh that sounds alright doesn't it?

Good Night x

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