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Staying Home, Slowing Down: Have you found the pace you yearned for?

Are you one of the people who is finding yourself surprisingly contented by the benefits you experience from lock-down?

I have had a couple of chats now where friends, family or clients appear apprehensive to admit that slowing down and taking stock is reaping benefits. Escaping the long- overdue narrative of the “rat-race treadmill” they got on a few years ago and hadn’t figured out how to get off. Until instructed to Stay Home & Stay Safe.

The little sentence…. “ I actually quite like it” … delivered with a whisper. As though fearful of the consequences of admission. Or uneasy to be over-heard by someone who might be adjusting to the situation at a different pace or with a different mindset.

And whilst life – in this frame- is not void of the momentary “panic” or “worry” in the face of the “unknown”. I see people, perhaps like you, finding new space. Adapting, achieving stuff they had put off, including the long-yearned-for rest. That rest you whimsically mused about, back when things were running on Hectic.

There is a chance to evaluate as our mind adjusts to new priorities, a different responsibility, less cramming stuff in. Meandering now around thoughts of gratitude, creativity and simplicity.

Now is a time to ask, what is important to me? Really important?

Every moment is a gift for us to learn from if we listen or look for it. Those of you relishing this reprieve, I invite you to take time to consider:

  • What are you learning about yourself?

  • What will you hold on to?

  • What can you let go?

It’s been lovely to hear people share their joy of spending time with their children. Of reading the book that had been gathering dust.

To see gardens revamped, log stores built, and people look over old photos to share laughter with friends/family. To hear a client, say “I can be an Actual dad right now”. And another state profoundly, how they “left their house & came back to a home”.

For those of you in this zone of tranquillity and calm, the apprehension you might be feeling is how to sustain this sense of Satisfied Self in the future. Of losing what you feel is so precious right now.

You might like to take time to explore and understand your values & purpose, a coach can help you do this. Help you grasp hold of ways to maintain these precious parts in the future.

And for now, if this is you. Let go of the guilt & shame of enjoyment in the here & now. Bask in this sense of slow.

And for those of you, whose world is vast, hurtling and feeling out of control. This is change at a different pace. There are a multitude of perspectives in any given situation & the hope comes from exploring what you can change that is right for you.

Find a deep breath and the part of you that trusts & reassures; everything is going to be ok.

You can keep in tune with coaching tips and reflections by subscribing to JKChangeWork or feel free to get in touch to find out more.

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