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Suffering for Work?

Surprising really, that for most of us, we spend the majority of time in at work yet so often clients come to me describing suffering in the workplace.

I often hear statements such as “I hate my job", “Work really stresses me out” or even "My colleagues are making my life hell" .... People can really hurt themselves through the environments they exist in in work.

When a client brings an issue around work to me, firstly I am always really excited! Like any change...just taking the step to pick up the phone, send me an email and share that you want things to be different is (for me) one of the most powerful experiences of being a coach. I know from this point on things are going to change for you (the client)!

Of course, I always need to grasp the reason why this situation continues to exist in your workplace... I mean if someone gave you a piece of really rotten food and asked you to eat it (knowing full well it was going to make you ill) pretty much everyone would shove that food right back where it came from. However, when it comes to jobs and "mouldy" environments or “rotten" colleagues, clients often have suffered the situation for months maybe years or even decades!

So why stay? Often the answer is money (of course) or perhaps even fear of moving into a new environment. There are very often identified "risks" which create an even more impossible obstacle to finding a solution. Exploring these reasons can benefit multiple aspects of your life, as your open up an understanding of how thoughts, feelings and behaviours of yourself result in your current experience.

Now the solution is definitely not always just "Get a new job" if it was that easy you would have already..... Quite often this may be a final action to take.

When exploring this in a coaching session we usually discover together, that the issue is not the issue..... what starts as a " I am really miserable in my career and what a change" might translate over time to a client understanding the true issue is "I am scared to communicate my ideas" which has left a client stagnated and voiceless in a fast changing environment of people who articulate and innovate more easily.

For one client, acknowledging they were indeed, by definition, in a bullying environment was enough for them to raise the issue and begin a resolve.

Around this time of year, applications to new roles increase. New year, New you and all that. Accessing coaching during or even before a career change can be really helpful if you are unsure exactly which direction you are heading in or whether you should be looking to start a new journey at all. The most important thing in all of it is that you know work can and should be rewarding, it can leave you with energy and motivation at the start and end of the day.

For those of you worried or anxious about work, If you are angry at decisions made for you, or you or something at work has made you ill. There are choices and coaching can help you find them, there are solutions and this can be done safely. There is hope and finding it may be easier then you thought.

If you want to understand you can act.

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