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The limit of our beliefs.

Limiting beliefs are the things that hold us back, get in our way and stop us from powering up our life to the level we desire it to be.

We may be aware of the belief we hold, skirt round it, try to ignore it or perhaps even accept it as a narrative to reside by.

For many of us, the limiting belief may be less obvious, something you haven't heard yourself say, something you haven't shone a spotlight of thought on or something that is hidden just out of view - perhaps unpleasant to look at, uncomfortable to feel or too embarrassing/awkward to hold as a current truth?

The belief that a limiting belief cannot change is of course in itself a limiting belief... (Say what!!)

Feeling helpless or hopeless that a situation couldn't be different? Perhaps feeling worthless or undeserved that the goal could even be achieved.. by you. That you can learn something new? That a situation can be changed? . its all in the matter of a new belief.

Something I to put to clients, or even myself, when setting out to achieve something that is currently out of reach.... (first figure out what it is you want?)... then consider..

What stops me?

What makes it worse?

How can it be different?

Remember our unconscious mind sees and hears everything... if we focus on the things we can't do or feed ourselves stories about the unattainable ... it remains just that unattainable.

It's more than understandable that some limiting beliefs are fixed more firmly than others and may require support to shake them off or nurture them to evolve into something more beneficial for us.

Limiting beliefs is like riding a bike with the stabilises on, because you never tried riding it without them.

Every behaviour (formed of a belief) has a positive intention. Our mind is really only doing the best it can with the resources that it has available. Create new and exciting beliefs and gift yourself with new choices and possibilities.

Get in touch to explore ways to open your mind and body to the what you really want from life.

This weeks blog will be accompanied by some doodle-blogs throughout the week, outlining some common limiting beliefs. Keep an eye out on the Facebook and Instagram page. See one that strikes a chord feel free to like or share.

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