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Time out for Time 

I'm writing this weeks blog from a very warm and much appreciated break in Portugal.

The run up to this holiday was a very busy time sandwiched between bank holidays, where I've really been mindful that work and life were edging closer into one another, merging closer into one.

We all are likely to be faced at some point with the eb and flow of life and work...they tend to dance with each other, sometimes at best doing a solo piece on other sides of the dance floor, sometimes they waltz and if your not careful they can end up in a turbulent pacedoble with each other.....until they take on River Dance together and you cant remember which step was who!

Those busy moments in life, are for many, like being swept in a current.. Anyone who has felt time slipping from them in a haze of "stuff" will know that feeling.

Its common that time comes up in conversation with clients. I've talked about this on previous blogs as it's such a powerful thing in mastering the balance and perspective of time. We can learn to work with Time rather than fight against it's current.

Here in the middle of this short break, I am reflecting on how easy it is to become wading through time, or even drowning in its space if it feels like we have took much of it.

With a naturally curious and creative mind I am still mastering true mindfulness or "down time" (in it's most spacious and still of practices) ..I prefer to strengthen the space I get in time with things that provide the calm and stillness in the way that is right for me.....(not to say that I often benefit from mindfulness in its wider forms).

If like me, you enjoy the faster exciting pace of problem solving, creative thought processes and high energy work loads to keep you engaged, you may find you enjoy something similar in the way you frame your relaxation.

It's worth investing awareness in how you might occupy your down time in a way that retains some sort of eb and flow. In fact those with a preference for a busy mind or lifestyle may practice "relaxation" in different ways to just sitting by the pool... ive heard people sound perplexed that they couldn't chill out or lay still amongst friends and the stillness in itself became a I always say we are unique and so what's a chill out for some people may be completely dull for others, that's ok...own it...if that's not relaxation for you...make it tailor made!

Maybe in your day to day you might see time as "doing to you" by this I mean, you glance a few times at a clock in the day, maybe it feels like it's hardly moved (usually because your stuck on a task, unmotivated, procrastinating or waiting for someone/something)....or you blink and half your day is gone....."where did all the time go?" You ponder?

So I like to give space to play alongside time. Holiday is the perfect space for exploring and reconnecting with this. No agenda, nothing to get to or helps me totally reset my clock, move and dance more equally with time.....this starts by barely using or looking at my clock.

The day remains structured but how and when I do things is less important.

I always take a book to read, and I've been reading a lot more this year. In fact I'm feeding my curiosity with a book about time (see pic).

  • Re-Imagine Sciene is my mindfulness it sends my brain off to wide and open thoughts and it inspires ideas for business and for incorporating new ways of thinking into my own life and this book is doing just that.

  • Recharge I've been getting some great nights sleep while I'm here, not thinking about time and whether I should be in bed or it's 'too early" to sleep. Instead, just going with the flow and feeling when I'm ready to sleep.

  • Refresh We are nearly half way through our year of no alcohol and this has meant that water has been my beverage of choice which is doing wonders for my skin and focus.

  • Re-energise I've been exploring and exercising lots to get my fill of excitement, on foot, by car and today on a beautiful bike ride, taking in new sights and sounds that just happen within the space of the day.

Time is after all a concept....its one we can choose to be tied down by or it's one we can make space with.....just the simplest of perspective shifts can help this. If time is slipping from you create more of it, do less or do hour is 60 whole minutes after all...60 minutes can become 3600 seconds... chunk it up, slice it down, move and shape shift to your hearts desire.

How will you make time your friend?

In work and life?

You may find that how you see and do time effects your inner emotional state. This could help or hinder your sense of being and the way you live life.

Want to learn more about ways to get on the right side of time?

Re-alligning time to give space and energy is one of my favourite subjects so I'm always delighted to hear from people mastering their relationship with time or those curious to make it a more trusted companion.

Adeus until next week...

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