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When to ask for help.

Asking for help can be one of the most powerful choices in your life.

There is a perception, for some, that asking for help is a sign of weakness, or a lack or capability. You could feel this way because of the way you were bought up. It might be a belief formed from a life experience - perhaps having been let down in the face of seeking support before. It could even be that you feel bound by the role you play in a family or friendship dynamic where you are believed to be the "strong one" and not the one that reaches out to others.

You can change that.

It could feel a bit daunting when you decide to reach out for support or assistance. Particularly when you may have put this decision off and this has increased the stories you are telling yourself about others reactions. Perhaps your worried about the view point of others in disclosing the fact that you need new resources, another perspective or just a sounding board to let things out?

In this sense of vulnerability, you can find strength.

You are not supposed to go it alone. There is safety and power in numbers for sure and the majority of people are kind and willing to help in some way. Seeking and exploring the knowledge and viewpoint of others can only enhance your very being.

The feeling of being really listened to in this situation is empowering. From listening and learning yourself you gain new and different ways to do things. You can expand your capabilities and become more comfortable in things that were once a struggle, an unknown a limitation.

This can be something different to the failure you have troubled your mind with. This is creating a growth mindset.

Asking for help, in it's many forms is one of the kindest things we can do for ourselves at times when we feel at our most alone.

It is also common to be hesitant to take some of your needs to your nearest and dearest, for fear of perceiving this as a burden or perceiving that the response you anticipate isn't going to be the one that helps you for the best. You may even need help to get to a point where this feels easier for you? This is usually when people turn to a third party or external resource to grow, absorb and consider new strategies.

So whether your help comes in the form of a book, a youtube video, a blog, a friend or spouse, or even a coach or therapist. This could be a way of adding a simple tool to your "tool box" to make things easier and better for you. This is building knowledge, this is gaining resilience. This is part of self-love.

Be your most dearest companion to yourself, reaching out and gaining resources that enable you to be at your most content.

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