Transform 2020

An online coaching programme, enhancing your life in 2020 & beyond...

 Transform 2020 is a coaching solution for people wanting to make significant changes in more than one aspect of their life in 2020 and beyond. 

The online coaching package offers a tailor made programme to support you to make 2020 a year to enhance  your life and  explore new opportunities.. 

A practical coaching approach to support you along the way. 


How it works:


Registration is a simple 3 step process.

1) Register your interest at the link below

2) receive a 15-20 minute Free consultation call.

3) complete an initial registration form and coaching agreement. . This enables us to collaborate and set the scene for the start of your Transform 2020 Coaching Programme. 

 Focus & Change

  • The programme begins with a progressive pace. You receive 6 x fortnightly coaching sessions (60 minutes-online). 

  • Initially exploring 6 key aspects of life to identify your personal areas of change & transformation. From here exploring a new relevant theme or focus each session.  

Maintaining Change

After completion of your 6 x fortnightly online coaching sessions we will stay in touch with 6 x Monthly Sessions (60 Minutes) helping you maintain momentum and motivation.

The programme is also supported by monthly resources tailored to your personal coaching aims.  

Programme Completion

A 90 minute graduation session will celebrate your completion of  Transform 2020 Coaching Programme. Reflecting on key learning and achievements you have gained over the year and establishing your " next steps" vision for success and happiness. 

Who is this package for?

  • You are wishing to make changes in more than one aspect of your life. 

  • You are looking for support with reaching and maintaining focus on goals and need help to keep accountable for this.

  • You have felt that you struggle with aspects of life currently (for example stress, worry, confidence, feeling like an impostor, not fitting in).

  • You may feel unable to manage work life balance?

  • It's likely you have had some significant change(s) in your life that have lead you to review your options? (E.G moved, changed careers, experienced a loss, money issues, relationship problems/breakdown, new role such as becoming a parent).

  • You have had apprehensions about seeking out support and  like the convenience and privacy of an online coaching programme. 

  • You are ready to make changes in your life.

JK's Approach

A collaborative approach, making change happen. 

 I appreciate that life, can at times,  feel hard.

Finding a non judgemental space to be open and honest about the challenges you face in life.  Questioning your feelings or satisfaction in your life currently and  sometimes longing for things to be different. It  can feel tricky to prioritise making changes. Until things become too significant to ignore any more. 

JKChangeWork offers a place to be authentically you.  

A direct and supportive approach to helping you achieve change, working with your unique experience of the world and enabling you to learn new ways to do "stuff" for the better.

This is not just a place to chat,  this is a place to make change happen!

 I believe you (the client) deserve to have the happiest, healthiest life. Sometimes that can even result in your wildest dreams becoming reality!

To achieve wonderful things I work with wonderful people who are ready to change and want to commit to what it takes to achieve that change.

At some point in  life we all have something that we wish was different or experience something that stopped working for us or gets in the way of happiness.

We all have moments of worry, anxiety, questions of confidence or negative self-talk. However, how we experience these feelings and the impact they have on your life is personal to each and everyone of us. 

As your coach I work with you & your personal perspective of the world. Learning ways to overcome hurdles and tap into inspiration. resulting in the outcomes you want. 

I love to collaborate with the weird and wonderful (that's all of you by the way!) the people that feel they don't quite feel they fit in or  feel misunderstood.  The people who have been apprehensive or worried to ask for help, until now! This is a space for you!


 The journey of change is a powerful life transforming experience and I am privileged to be on this journey with you.


Creating a safe, supportive and no bullsh*t approach. Helping you to find the enjoyment and success you desire from life. 






Please note this programme begins January 2020. Registration for the programme open until 30/1/2020. 

Programme Begins January 2020

On registering your interest you will receive a FREE check in call from JK to explore next steps and agree your  start date in January 2020. 

Complete the form to arrange your call back and register your interest for the TRANSFORM 2020 EARLY BIRD PACKAGE. 

Register & Pay before 25/12/2019 to receive the early bird offer of £999. 

Payments and registration received after 25/12/2019 will be charged at £1589. Programme registration runs until 30/1/2020

early bird!

Learn more about "zoom" video conferencing here

Phone: 07537 922 458

Address:   Rodley Wellbeing Centre,  6A Rodley Lane, Leeds,  LS13 1HU

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