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ABOUT JKChangeWork

Hi, I am JK ( Jennie-Kate) - the coach behind JKChangeWork therapeutic coaching & personal change.

I offer simple, effective & collaborative coaching for people and businesses ready to make changes & improve health & well-being. 

Before JKChangeWork I worked in a range of mental health and employment services managing teams. Enabling people to deliver positive outcomes and continually develop. 

Now I coach people to help themselves. Get unstuck, feel happier & gain skills for life. 

Along with my own life experiences and unique style. I am a Master Practitioner in NLP. An Advanced practitioner in Integral Eye Movement Therapy.  I use my qualification in M-braining (M-bit) and other coaching modalities to help create meaningful change in your life and teach you to skills to be magicians of your very own minds!

When I am not coaching private clients  I work in partnership with small/medium businesses building  health & happiness into organisational culture. 

Focusing on workforce well-being.

Empowering staff to thrive.  


What brought you here?

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