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Individual Coaching 

Individual coaching for career & life 

Individual coaching sessions help you to improve your well-being in work and life. 

Sessions with me, JK (Jennie-Kate) last 60-90 minutes each and are delivered online or in person at offices in Rodley, Leeds, West Yorkshire. 

Sessions will help you to explore and resolve issues in work and life. 

Coaching is most helpful when there is a gap between where you are and where you want to be.  Typically people benefit on average from 1-4 sessions, However everyone is different. 

To begin your coaching journey first book in a Free 20 minute call or zoom with JK. A chance to ask any questions and get a sense of how we can work together to help you achieve change. 

Coaching and change work is  a great approach if you are ready to make changes to one or more aspects of your life.  Coaching isn't about talking about your problems. 

Sessions combine a range of psychoeducation (learning), activities and actions that help you create changes in life and work. 

Maybe you know exactly what you want to change, but are not quite sure how to make that happen. 

Perhaps there are way too many choices and options to make and take, leaving you feeling stuck or over-whelmed on where and how to find the right ones?

If you are feeling anxious or lacking confidence, then this makes decision making and change that little bit more difficult too. And you may be looking to reduce stress and build self-esteem so you can move forward with goals and ideas. 

Coaching together is an opportunity to make meaningful and lasting change. To find goals that inspire and motivate you and have the knowledge and approaches to help you manage challenges along the way. 

At JKChangeWork the aim is to help you create change, live and happy, healthy life and be content with who you are and the opportunities you have in life. 

Coaching can be helpful for:

  • Building confidence & self-esteem

  • Dealing with imposter syndrome and self-doubt

  • Career coaching - change of career. 

  • Managing stress and anxiety

  • Resolving in-work well-being issues that cause stress and anxiety. 

  • Interview and job-search skills & confidence.  

  • Managing your well-being at work (leadership).

  • Getting back to work after time off. 

  • Balancing work and life

  • Home working motivation and focus. 

  • Worry or frustration about returning to office working. 

  • Confidence and well-being for business owners and entrepreneurs ( Imposter Syndrome)

  • Establishing life/work goals after a big change in life e.g  relocating, relationship break up, loss, redundancy, illness, promotion. 

If you are an employer looking for coaching support for your staff, you can learn more about workplace well-being and the benefits of coaching here.  Or  get in touch to explore your options further. 

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