Individual Coaching 

You are already one step closer to achieving your personal change .

Coaching is a collaboration between JK and you, the client.

Together, we will establish goals & help you gain practical resources for lasting change. 

Coaching works best for people who have a gap between where they are now and where they want to be


You are committed to making that change happen.

You can find out about services for 1:1 coaching with JKChangeWork below. 


Or get in touch to find out more & begin your coaching journey. 

Feeling Like an Imposter?

62% of people reported experiencing Imposter Syndrome in the UK (2018) **

Are you one of them?


Feeling like a fraud & often hard on yourself, even after success?

Lacking confidence in your own ability and Living in constant comparison of others?


This can often result in feelings of anxiety, stress & over-whelm. 

Getting in your own way?

Are you a master procrastinator, holding off dreams or opportunities. Led by fear?

Come & learn some new & exciting things!

Free yourself of that burden! 

Skills for mindset. 

Resources for action. 

Changes for life. 

Tried & Failed


Where to Start?

Coaching for goal setting & habit changing. 

Refine your outcomes

Create a Vision

Develop skills & Capabilities

Take Action 

Check out these examples:

  • Overcoming Phobia's

  • Problem Habits

  • Career Goals

  • Reaching a dream

  • Charity Challenge

Coaching for Men

Society has moved forward. Yet I understand you still feel there is stigma talking about & accessing support for your health & well-being. 

You feel a female coach would suit you better, in a non-judgemental space,  to explore life's challenges. 

I have 12+ years of coaching men to achieve practical goals that help you gain control of the stuff that's bothering you. 


Some examples of common issues coaching can help you with: 

  • Depression & Sadness

  • Bullying & Conflict

  • Anxiety. Stress, Worry

  • Body Image

  • Role & Purpose

  • Career goals

  • Status & Power Dynamics

  • Anger 

  • Guilt

  • Problem Habits

  • Trauma

coaching for your


Sometimes your life experiences impact your health & happiness. 

Thoughts & feelings can be


You struggle to make changes in your life. Feeling out of control, due to worry, self-doubt or immense sadness. 

Traumatic experiences or personal challenges may knock you off your feet. 


You are ready to build confidence & belief in yourself. 

​Coaching with JK is a nurturing safe space. 


Learn skills that transform thinking.

Change the way you feel. 

A trusting collaboration to take steps forward. 



Phone: 07537 922 458

Address:   Rodley Wellbeing Centre,  6A Rodley Lane, Leeds,  LS13 1HU

Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK

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