Individual Coaching 

Struggling to be happy with  one or more aspects of your life? You are ready to make a change to increase your happiness, change behaviour and make life easier and enjoyable.

Your mind is an amazing thing, yet at times we may have thoughts, feelings and behaviours that stop you from getting the best from your experiences. 

Good news! You are already one step closer to achieving your personal change!

Coaching is a collaboration between JK and you, the client.

Together, we will establish goals & help you gain practical resources for lasting change. 

Coaching works best for people who have a gap between where they are now and where they want to be

To discover how coaching can work for you, read about common issues below or get in touch to have a free 15 minute discovery call/zoom with JK. 

Common Coaching Conundrums

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Feeling Like an Imposter?

62% of people reported experiencing Imposter Syndrome in the UK (2018) **

Are you one of them?


Feeling like a fraud & often hard on yourself, even after success?

Lacking confidence in your own ability and living in constant comparison of others?


This can often result in feelings of anxiety, stress & over-whelm. 

Getting in your own way?

Are you a master procrastinator, holding off dreams or opportunities. Led by fear?

Come & learn some new & exciting things!

Free yourself of that burden! 

Skills for mindset. 

Resources for action. 

Changes for life. 

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Where to Start?

Coaching for goal setting & habit changing. 

Refine your outcomes

Create a Vision

Develop skills & Capabilities

Take Action 

Check out these examples:

  • Overcoming Phobia's

  • Problem Habits

  • Career Goals

  • Reaching a dream

  • Charity Challenge

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Coaching for Men

Society has moved forward. Yet I understand you still feel there is stigma talking about & accessing support for your health & well-being. 

You feel a female coach would suit you better, in a non-judgemental space,  to explore life's challenges. 

I have 12+ years of coaching men to achieve practical goals that help you gain control of the stuff that's bothering you. 


Some examples of common issues coaching can help you with: 

  • Depression & Sadness

  • Bullying & Conflict

  • Anxiety. Stress, Worry

  • Body Image

  • Role & Purpose

  • Career goals

  • Status & Power Dynamics

  • Anger 

  • Guilt

  • Problem Habits

  • Trauma

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coaching for your


Sometimes your life experiences impact your health & happiness. 

Thoughts & feelings can be


You struggle to make changes in your life. Feeling out of control, due to worry, self-doubt or immense sadness. 

Traumatic experiences or personal challenges may knock you off your feet. 


You are ready to build confidence & belief in yourself. 

​Coaching with JK is a nurturing safe space. 


Learn skills that transform thinking.

Change the way you feel. 

A trusting collaboration to take steps forward. 



Coaching with JK

JK works alongside you to reduce unwanted feelings like stress, worry, anger or low-self esteem. 

Sessions will also help you understand links between mind and body and how in changing our thoughts we can optimise physical health as well. 

Stuck believing things  are too difficult to change? You find it hard to reach your goals or achieve in aspects of your life, that matter to you.  Coaching is an effective way to change this. 

If you have found your behaviours are causing  problems, whether it's lack of motivation a problem habit or relationships with others. Coaching offers a new perspective on how to change your life for the better and deal with the challenges that life and work present. 

Session's last 60-90 minutes and are delivered face to face or online.  Most people benefit from 1-4 sessions.  A short discovery call with JK will help you tailor a package for your desired outcome. 

JK works with you,  offering a proactive and supportive space.  Committed to helping you develop and make lasting changes in your life for health & happiness. 

In need of some fresh air? Love the outdoors? more about coaching in nature sessions HERE!

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