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Life, Career & Well-being coaching for business owners

Being a business owner can be a total roller-coaster of ups and downs, challenges, excitement and unexpected events and that's just the business itself. 

Where do you and your own well-being, goals, aspirations and needs fit in to your business plan right now?

You may have considered a business coach;  to support you with the practical side of running a business. But have you consider the value of time and space to enhance yourself, your well-being and your happiness. 

At JKChangeWork you get protected time and space, coaching you to resolve issues, help you inspire your own accountability and motivation.  Creating a better balance between work and life. Fun and Focused. 

At the heart  of your business vision was the idea, the passion and the will to give it a go. 

Your well-being is central to your business success, whether you are a one man shop, an SME or a growing empire

If you find yourself  wondering how to resolve any of the issues below, then coaching together may just be your next step. Helping business owners with:

  • Imposter Syndrome,  self doubt or fear of failure

  • Distraction, procrastination & motivation.  

  • Stress Management, anxiety or over-whelm  

  • Work/Life Balance 

  • Time management & prioritisation 

  • Confidence and self-esteem 

  • Getting in your own way. 

I am not going to spend your session talking about my own business experience.  Whilst a certainly can empathise with the adventures of running a business this is time and space for you.

Sessions are focused, proactive coaching,  free of judgement.  Holding a space to help you resolve issues,  create change and explore strategies and approaches that will work for you in business and life!  

Now really can be the time to do something about it!

Coaching Services 

Online Meditation

Online Coaching 

60-90 minute coaching sessions online. 

Following a discovery call, together.  We will tailor a package that will work for you and what you want to gain from the sessions. 

Choose from Pay As You Go or Package options (4 sessions). 


Typically clients will access sessions between 2-8 weeks apart. 

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Face to Face coaching

60-90 minute coaching sessions face to face from offices in Rodley, Leeds, West Yorkshire. 

Choose from Pay As You Go or Package options (4 sessions).  Typically clients will access sessions between 2-8 weeks apart and benefit from 1-4 sessions on average.


Following a discovery call we will tailor a package that will work for you and what you want to gain from the sessions. 


 "Retreat" & "Reflection" days

Looking for a different experience for yourself.  A full day of coaching & reflection for you and your business, set in nature based venues. The "Retreat and Reflection" days are delivered through our sister company Where the Mind Grows. Combining focused coaching  with   time out to reset, relax and enhance your well-being. Discover more here. An opportunity for some individual time to focus on you. 

Delivered from beautiful nature-based venues in Leeds or North Yorkshire.  Including a tailor-made day of coaching with JK, refreshments, lunch and a follow up resources. 

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