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Coaching for Men

You will have probably found yourself on this page either:

A) As a man looking for a solution to an emotional or practical issue you are currently facing in life. 

B) As  a family member or friend, concerned about a male's mental health and looking for possible help ( that you can hopefully convince him to consider)

It's still often harder for men to seek out support for feelings of stress, anxiety, frustration, low-mood or confidence.  Whilst things have shifted a lot. You may be hesitant to get involved with something like coaching. 

This page will help you discover how coaching can help with practical and emotional matters in your life. 

Who is coaching for?

Coaching combines practical solutions,  helps you better understand yourself, others and the world around you. 

 increasing confidence to handle situations now and  in the future. 

Unlike talk therapies, we don't do loads of talking or dwelling in the past. Whilst all your life-experiences are relevant to the coaching sessions and you as an individual. 

My focus is helping you to create change easily and effectively so you can crack on with living a great life. 

Coaching is a collaboration in which you'll learn and have the ability to change, when you choose to commit to the processes and approaches.  With openness and focus. 

The coaching space is free of judgement.  I will be honest , direct and open with you. Helping you gain new perspectives and ways to deal with life and the stuff it throws your way. In an approachable and adaptable style.

Coaching sessions are for You, and will have an impact on your wider world. You'll get the results you desire if you start from a point of really wanting things to change. 

In the grand scheme of things, the change will happen very quickly.  (You've probably had this issue for a while now)


 I ask that you commit to a package of sessions (usually between 3-8 dependent on what you are bring to resolve, or the goals you wish to reach) . I'll help you figure out the right approach for our sessions when we chat on a FREE initial call/zoom.

Where you can ask questions and find out the next steps. 

The finer details 

  • Sessions are 60-90 minutes 

  • Online or In-Person at my offices in Rodley, Leeds.

  • Prices are dependent on package and payment options to suit your needs. This will be discussed on our initial FREE no obligation call together. 

  • You can read a copy of the coaching agreement here. 

How coaching helps

Confidence & Self- Doubt

Even if you appear confident on the surface. Inside,  your inner self-talk and the feelings you have, mean you doubt yourself and sometimes feel quite anxious,  confused or worried in certain situations.

You know that if you felt more confident you would be able to create new opportunities  and experiences that improved your life. 

You may be one of those men, that never really got ( or wanted to get) the whole alpha-male-thing.  You are often left hiding the best part of yourself ( you heart, emotional intelligence and creativity) unsure how to be yourself in your workplace, or around certain colleagues or friends. As a result you often feel your compromising your time and it ends up being pretty exhausting. 

Too much going on

You might feel comfortable to call this stress or perhaps the whole feeling is in itself too much to get your head round right now?  

You have too much going on and too many responsibilities & expectations  that are causing problems.  You might be finding yourself more irritable or perhaps withdrawing from situations and losing interest in elements of your life, that were once important to you. It's not just filling your mind, but you may have noticed your getting aches, pains or more frequently ill/run-down.   At it's worst you've experienced some really uncomfortable and dark thoughts about life. There never feels like enough time to do everything. Or you find you are constantly pleasing others at the expense of your own happiness. 

Forgiving the past  

You've made certain choices in life, in the past or have faced certain challenging life experiences. And even to recall them now in your mind you feel angry, frustrated, sad,  resentful, ashamed, embarrassed or guilty.  Without even realising perhaps, you find yourself impacted by these experience now. Effecting your choices, decisions and present-day life experiences. This may now be causing tension or impacting others too.  But knowing how to change it all, is the bit your stuck on. 

Loneliness & Sadness 

Loneliness and Sadness can impact you in a variety of ways. You might have a great life, with success and support. But there is something somewhere missing that makes you feel sad or lonely. 

For others  perhaps you've always wanted to be well-connected and belong to something,  but life just hasn't seemed to bring those opportunities for you and your are feeling isolated and lonely. as a result of that.  


You're not where you want to be in life. 

What ever you expected life to look like, there is work to do and change to be had.  It often leaves you thinking and feeling unwanted thoughts and feelings.

You'd like some clarity on what you actually want from life and how to get unstuck or make progress in getting it. 

You often find you compare your life to others and this leaves you feeling not great about your situation. 

Communicating Better 

Other people are just confusing aren't they!  From understanding how to better communicate with a partner or family member. Or navigating the do's and don'ts of annoying or irritating colleagues. Or just finding ease in social situations.

You find yourself either saying something you later regret, feeling unheard or just shutting off. 

You'd love to have the freedom to communicate in a way that helps you live elements of your life a little more easily.  Avoiding conflict, asserting your needs in the right way and feeling more confident and in control around certain personalities & situations. 

Let's Work Together - Here is how. 

Keen to get started?
Make it happen in 5 simple steps. 
  1. Book in an initial FREE chat here - where I can answer your questions and we can create your ideal coaching package. 

  2. Complete an online registration form ( In advance of your first paid session)  + Review our coaching agreement

  3. Book your first coaching session in using a calendar link. ( Sent to you after our initial call/zoom)

  4. Receive your invoice and pay for your session(s). 

  5. Show up and get started on creating change

Still got questions? - get in touch HERE

How things can change for you

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