Coaching Agreemeent 

The below outlines the agreement between JKChangeWork & The Client as part of coaching together: 

Coaching is proven to work when there are two factors present: 

1) You, as the client, are open & willing to grow.  

2) There is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be. 


That is all that is necessary for the Coach and the Client to make changes, create a new opportunities, create new career opportunities commit to a plan of action to reach a goal.


Coaching with JKChangeWork

By signing up for a session (s) with JKChangeWork you are agreeing to take part in therapeutic coaching  to explore & achieve your personal/professional goals.

Sessions use a range of coaching techniques which will flow in alignment to the issues/needs that you bring to each session. We will collaborate and review this approach as we work together; to make sure the spaces works for you.   The coaching process is very much a fluid one, the coaching approach I offer is collaboration between both parties with myself as the guide/facilitator.  Sessions remain flexible to deal with the issues/goals you bring on the day and the ever changing nature of life. That said, as your coach I will ensure that we remain committed and accountable to focusing on and achieving an end goal/outcome.  

Coaching is a space for personal development, giving you resources and resolving issues.  It is not just a space to talk about problems.  At JKChangeWork you will experience a  direct and proactive approach,  helping you reach the change you desire.  Therapeutic Coaching works best for people ready and willing to commit to change.


Client Registration Form.

 In preparation for your initial session you will be asked to complete a client registration form, which you will need to return to JK( Jennie-Kate) no later than 24 hours before your first session.

Please ensure you complete the full client registration form, including any medical information and emergency contact details. As part of the coaching agreement I ask that you ensure you keep me up to date of any changes to their personal circumstances and contact details and inform me of these asap.   In the event I have not received your registration form prior to the session it will be postponed.


Commitment and sessions

As your coach I am committed to our arrangement. I will be fully present and prepared in the session delivering high quality & professional coaching. We will remain focused on achieving change in your life/work.  In return I ask that you are also ready and committed to achieving change (even if you are unsure if the change you want is possible yet).  Please come open & willing to collaborate in a confidential and supportive place. The coaching space is free of judgement and is a space to truly be you. The coaching relationship offers an environment where trust & respect is mutually reciprocated; this includes on-going feedback from both parties. I use direct approaches and may challenge or question you at times in order to ensure we understand & achieve your goal.  

Please pay attention to any advice given in terms of session after care where appropriate. 



The session fee for coaching session will be discussed and agreed prior to starting sessions together. This will ensure we find the right package for you.   An invoice will be sent once agreed and payment terms will be outlined there. Payment must be made on or before the session/package ( Unless other wise agreed) late payments exceeding 20 calendar days will incur an additional 10% fee.  For corporate packages please refer to your Service Level Agreement for payment terms. 



If you need to cancel or rearrange your session, please do so no later than 24 hours before the agreed session date/time. Cancellations made under 24 hours from the session will be charged at 1/2 session fee.  If you fail to inform me/DNA's ( did not attend) will mean the session is lost and the full fee will be payable. If I have to cancel a session I will do so (where possible) within 24 hours’ notice and rearrange, if I have to cancel at shorter notice you will receive an additional free session.  

If you are having a session in nature, in the event of inclement weather,  we will either postpone the session or carry it out indoors.

In light of COVID-19 if you or someone you know has been in contact with someone with a positive test of C19 or where you/someone you know has symptoms I ask that you postpone any face to face session. We can carry the session out online or you can rearrange, dates will be offered for at least 14 days afterwards. 



Due to Covid-19 all sessions are currently online using zoom, whatsapp or a similar platform.  If you need assistance in using this sort of technology I can talk you through this in advance of our session. 


Being present & open at your session

I ask that you (the client) come to the session to focus on the space. Please turn mobile phones off or to silent throughout your session. If you have current addiction/substance misuse issues please abstain from using substances prior to the session where possible – if this is not possible a further discussion will need to take place to ensure the full effectiveness of the session.  If you are currently experiencing side effects from medication please include details of this in your registration form.  If you are coming to the session to work on issues such as anger or aggression please note that JKChangeWork do not tolerate physical or verbal aggression directed at anyone/thing during the session that may result in damage or harm. Please disclose anything pertinent to building an open, honest and professional coaching dynamic. This is a space free of judgment.  



Confidentiality & Data Protection

Everything said in the session is confidential unless you state you wish to harm yourself or other people or where you disclose a reportable crime.  You are welcome to discuss the sessions with other people should you wish. JKChangeWork stores your data for sole use within the coaching sessions and does not share your information with any third party unless permitted to do so (see full privacy statement on the website).  By completing the client registration form and signing this agreement you are further agreeing for JKChangeWork to hold/store your data.

 Please ensure you update me of any changes in your contact details to ensure any correspondence between us remains confidential.

All clients will be asked to read this agreement as part of their coaching with JKChangeWork. If you have any questions about coaching together, please get in touch. 

COVID-19 - The priority with all coaching sessions is to keep you and others safe and follow recommended guidelines.  Where possible sessions will be held on line. If this is a barrier to you then you may wish to discuss options for face to face where restrictions permit this. Face to Face sessions are in the office, with safety measures in place or out in nature ( following an initial session). 

Face to Face sessions are  not recommended for anyone shielding or you or someone you know has been in contact with someone who is C-19 positive (in the last 14 days). 

A regular risk assessment is being updated and reviewed in line with ongoing guidance & advice i receive from relevant coaching bodies.