Career Coaching 
Coaching to support you with job satisfaction, career confidence or work/life balance. 

Is it time to make a change in your role or career. Career coaching can help you with creating that change.  From figuring out where to start and what job opportunities to explore. To preparing for the application and interview process.  Career coaching with JKChangeWork combines practical coaching with an exploration of your personal and well-being needs. 

Time for a change 

Career Choice 

Coaching to support you with your career choices and decisions making. 

Getting the role

Career coaching to help you prepare for getting a new job. From job search, to application to interview preparation. 

A career that enhances your life

An integral part of career (and life) coaching. Looking at your bigger picture and helping you to choose a career that enhances health and happiness in your wider life goals  

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You find yourself thinking about career change

There are many reasons why you might find yourself considering other career options. At the heart of that choice and decision to create change is usually a desire to enhance your well-being and general life enjoyment. 

Just some of the common motivators to seek a coach that can help you with work and life stuff:

  • You are seeking a change of direction to a role that provides more opportunities. 

  • You find yourself constantly complaining about work. 

  • You are struggling with the practicalities of getting a role. 

  • You lack time and energy to balance work and life. 

  • Your well-being is impacted by a toxic work culture, a system you can't fit into or a nightmare colleague/boss.

  • Your job is currently insecure due to risk of redundancy, tupe etc and you want to proactively explore your options.

  • You're working too hard for little reward. 

  • You're off sick from work and need support to resolve issues and find solutions before you can return to work. 

  • You lack of confidence and self-esteem to make changes. 

  • You're a business owner struggling with aspects of work or life 

  • You want to do something more purposeful. 

  • You long for more freedom and happiness in life. 

  • You would love more time for your self/life in the future.

  • You'd like a job that  utilises your skills and passions better.  

  • You're looking to create positive changes in your life. 

  • You need help with finding solutions and exploring your options. 

Hi, I am JK (Jennie-Kate) the coach behind JKChangeWork. 

I offer focused,  direct and supportive coaching to help you achieve your career coaching goals. 

Together we'll explore your motivations  and hopes when it comes to a career change or development.  


You will get help in establishing clear goals. A space to identify and over-come any practical barriers you feel get in the way of that job,  new career or overall job satisfaction. 

If you are already confident with the practical side of job searching. Coaching will quickly focus on helping you with the bigger picture. Your own personal development & well-being needs. Helping you build the knowledge and understanding  to make your career rewarding, balanced and a supporting-factor in a happier, healthier life. 

From figuring out values, to managing and resolving conflicts (Internal or external). Helping you harmonise work and life responsibilities and goals.


If you're finding yourself with issues that stop you feeling as happy or healthy as you could be,  coaching will help with that too. 

Coaching is an investment for anyone ready to change but not quite sure how. 

Our sessions can happen online or in person at offices in Leeds, West Yorkshire. 

Typically clients benefit from a pack of four coaching sessions**, to help you have the time and focus to access coaching at different phases of your career coaching journey. 

Sessions last 60-90 minutes and most people spread each session between 2-8 weeks apart dependent on your situation and goals. 

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Casual Meeting

With a background in employability and mental health I've developed the skills, practical knowledge and intuition to help a range of people to meet their career aspirations.

My own career has its fair share of variety and ups and downs.  With experience at frontline to senior leadership level. Back in 2017 I used my own coaching knowledge and approach to formally establish JKChangeWork and have since set up a sister company Where the Mind Grows coaching people in nature. 

 At JKChangeWork you receive a different approach to discovering a rewarding career and a happier life. 

This isn't just surface level stuff. 

I work with clients who want more from their work and life (even if that "more" is just about having more peace, time or sleep!)

From doubling  income, to becoming self-employed. From a client who escaped a system that just didn't work for their well-being or the client whose job-change enabled them to start a family. Client's have even returned to education to pursue a dream career. 

I get to witness people like you making remarkable changes to leave even more fantastic ( or simpler) lives!

My style is open, honest and every clients coaching journey is different. Because you bring your own version of unique experiences for us to tailor a best-fit approach to. 

I help people discover (or re-discover) the assets and abilities you have to live a fulfilled and content life. 

As a coach, I am not here to give you the answers. But to help you find them for yourself and reap the rewards and opportunities that come along with that!

A FREE 15 minute discovery call will help you discover how coaching together can help you and answer any further questions you may have.

** everyone is different and the FREE discovery goal will help find the best-fit package or PAYG (Pay as you go) option for you. 

"I got the job. I felt a real change in my approach to interview, it was almost instant, like a cog turning".

Career Coaching Client, November 21

"My confidence will increase which will lead to more opportunities to develop and challenge myself in work and life. I feel confident that I can take on a more senior role at work and maybe even become a mother "

Career Coaching Client April 2020

Loved today JK. Thanks for these notes & thanks for being the best coach I’ve ever worked with. You really are AMAZING!! 🌟🌟🌟


I felt valued, respected and listened to, which is so important in personal sessions like these. If you're in a rut, unhappy, want to change jobs, move into something new but don't know what, have issues with confidence and self esteem in the workplace, I would say give Jennie a call!


I coach some amazingly talented people.

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