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I get it, talking about mental health & well-being with staff is a daunting concept. 

Figuring out the do's & don'ts can seem like entering an abyss.

Great ambitions quickly fade, for lack of capacity.

It's definitely easier to get workforce well-being wrong over right.

Many organisations "dabble" in the concept of well-being. Showing lip services to staff perks & the odd event. 

 Yet staff still get stressed, depressed, de-motivated, go off sick, cause conflict or leave!

I'll be honest with you, to do it right takes time, investment & motivation. 

​Doing nothing impacts productivity, reputation & overall cost. 

​Stress is one of the most common reasons for sickness. 

HSE report that over 12.8 million days were lost in the UK (2018/19)  due to work-related stress, anxiety & depression. 

Stress also effects wider team members: disrupting team dynamics, creating workload pressures and challenging morale.    

For the staff member experiencing stress, this is a lonely and over-whelming time. Often process takes over from compassion & practical support. Stigma may result in the employee being hesitant or unaware to ask for the intervention they truly need. 

That’s where coaching comes in. An additional independent resource: with the time, motivation & expertise to embed well-being in your organisation.

There are benefits to creating a clear divide. 

With JKChangeWork you get a straight-talking coach, who will nurture and build skill set. I facilitate open and honest conversations about mental health (Including your own).  Defining actions & designing resources that enable your well-being culture to grow & flourish. 

I offer a free consultation where we can build our relationship and tailor an approach to achieve your organisational objectives. 

I love working with small to medium size organisations, genuinely committed to  achieving a space where staff can thrive. 

Working towards or achieving B-Corporation status? JKChangeWork & trusted collaborators can help you grow & sustain your people power!

Read more about the HSE report on Work-Related Stress here

Coaching Options

Coaching for staff struggling with mental health

Sometimes staff will struggle with their mental health & benefit from additional development in their role. They may even need time off. 

Therapeutic  1:1 coaching helps staff deal with challenges such as:

·         Stress

·         Anxiety

·         Depression

·         Conflict

·         Confidence issues

·         lacking motivation & focus 

For staff experiencing these challenges, coaching can be offered as an alternative approach to learning or as support for return to work. 

​Take preventative action now & invest in 1:1 coaching for staff. Look out for one or more of the following behaviours. A warning sign that staff could be struggling with their health & well-being. 

  •  Withdrawing & Isolating. 

  •  Quality & productivity declines. 

  •  Conflict with team members.

  •  Distress at work.

  •  Lateness or increased absences.

  •  Resisting authority & instruction.

  •  Telling you they are struggling.

​​Sessions last 60-90 minutes. On average a staff member will benefit from 2-4 sessions. 

 ( Recommended Fortnightly to monthly)

You can invest in coaching for an individual staff member or purchase bulk package for well-being & ongoing personal development.

Create a culture of happy, healthy staff

Creative Workshop's in house or online. Bringing staff  together.

Unpick sticky issues, delve into tricky topics & resolve problems.  


Staff develop individual and collective skills. Enhancing  well-being, resilience & focus. 

Workshops combine practical coaching & facilitation from JK.  

Workshop Ideas

1) Workforce Well-being 

2) Conflict Resolution 

3) Stress & Resilience

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Looking for something a little different???

Check out our Team Experiences for collective well-being. Coaching & Facilitation in nature in collaboration with Make It Wild!

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