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Workforce Well-being

Healthier, happier teams

Therapeutic coaching for employee well-being

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I get it, talking about mental health & well-being with staff is a daunting concept. 

Figuring out the do's & don'ts can seem like entering an abyss.

Great ambitions quickly fade, for lack of capacity.

It's definitely easier to get workforce well-being wrong over right.

Many organisations "dabble" in the concept of well-being. Showing lip services to staff perks & the odd event. 

 Yet staff still get stressed, depressed, de-motivated, go off sick, cause conflict or leave!

I'll be honest with you, to do it right takes time, investment & motivation. 

​Doing nothing impacts productivity, reputation & overall cost. 

​Stress is one of the most common reasons for sickness. 

HSE report that over 12.8 million days were lost in the UK (2018/19)  due to work-related stress, anxiety & depression. 

Stress also effects wider team members: disrupting team dynamics, creating workload pressures and challenging morale.    

For the staff member experiencing stress, this is a lonely and over-whelming time. Often process takes over from compassion & practical support. Stigma may result in the employee being hesitant or unaware to ask for the intervention they truly need. 

That’s where coaching comes in. An additional independent resource: with the time, motivation & expertise to embed well-being in your organisation.

There are benefits to creating a clear divide. 

With JKChangeWork you get a straight-talking coach, who will nurture and build skill set. I facilitate open and honest conversations about mental health (Including your own).  Defining actions & designing resources that enable your well-being culture to grow & flourish. 

I offer a free consultation where we can build our relationship and tailor an approach to achieve your organisational objectives. 

I love working with small to medium size organisations, genuinely committed to  achieving a space where staff can thrive. 

JKChangeWork & trusted collaborators can help you grow & sustain your people power!

Read more about the HSE report on Work-Related Stress here

A lot has happened since 2020. 

Teams are divided on the pros and cons of returning to the office. Facing change and uncertainty. Now is the time to discuss a tailored approach to team and individual well-being. 

Enhance the future of your organisation and create healthy, happy and resilient staff. 

Finding solutions together

Stressed Man

Coaching for staff struggling with mental health

Sometimes staff will struggle with their mental health & benefit from additional development in their role. They may even need time off. 

Therapeutic  1:1 coaching helps staff deal with challenges such as:

·         Stress

·         Anxiety

·         Depression

·         Conflict

·         Confidence issues

·         lacking motivation & focus 

For staff experiencing these challenges, coaching can be offered as an alternative approach to learning or as support for return to work. 

​Take preventative action now & invest in 1:1 coaching for staff. Look out for one or more of the following behaviours. A warning sign that staff could be struggling with their health & well-being. 

  •  Withdrawing & Isolating. 

  •  Quality & productivity declines. 

  •  Conflict with team members.

  •  Distress at work.

  •  Lateness or increased absences.

  •  Resisting authority & instruction.

  •  Telling you they are struggling.

​​Sessions last 60-90 minutes. On average a staff member will benefit from 2-4 sessions. 

 ( Recommended Fortnightly to monthly)

You can invest in coaching for an individual staff member or purchase bulk package for well-being & ongoing personal development.

Employees who benefit from therapeutic coaching with JK have:

  • Increased confidence

  • Reduced stress & anxiety. 

  • Managed trauma/loss and gained clarity and focus. 

  • Enhanced communication skills 

  • Managed time better and prioritise workload

  • Improved team dynamics

  • Work/life balance

  • Gained skills to manage conflict

All consultations are held in confidence. 

Image by Husna Miskandar

Create a culture of happy, healthy staff

Creative Workshop's in house or online. Bringing staff  together.

Unpick sticky issues, delve into tricky topics & resolve problems.  


Staff develop individual and collective skills. Enhancing  well-being, resilience & focus. 

Workshops combine practical coaching & facilitation from JK.  

Workshop Ideas

1) Workforce Well-being 

2) Conflict Resolution 

3) Stress & Resilience

4) Dealing with change & uncertainty

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