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What else can therapeutic coaching help with?

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Coaching with JKChangeWork is different to other therapeutic approaches to your health, well-being and happiness. 

Unlike talk therapies or counselling. Coaching helps you identify and create specific actions to help you resolve an issue, reach a goal or make a change in your life, with minimal talking about the issue & focus and facilitation to help you create meaningful and lasting change.


Whilst it's useful for JK, your coach to know some information about your situation, to guide the coaching and facilitation.  We won't be going into great detail about unpleasant memories, issues or situations. 

Instead, coaching helps you look at what you want and how to get that, in the right way for you. 

Coaching tends to focus on four key areas of the "issue" and the "Solution"

  • Thoughts 

  • Feelings 

  • Behaviours 

  • Beliefs 

Also taking into consideration wider life experiences, the environment, and the skills and capabilities you have (or need) to create the change you desire. 

JK uses a range of modalities (holistic/coaching approaches) to help you get the best from each session.  JK is a Master Practitioner in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Advanced Practitioner in IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy) and also a a practitioner in M-Bit/M-Braining (Three Brain thinking) and OldPain2GoTM creating change in old physical and emotional pain messages through brain-bargaining techniques. Combined with wider coaching approaches and techniques.  

At JKChangeWork we recognise everyone is different and so the approach to your sessions will be the same. 

Sessions can be carried out online or in person at offices in Leeds. 

JKChangeWork also provide bespoke support to workplaces to support employee well-being and workplace well-being strategies. Find out more here

Here are some of the other wider issues that therapeutic coaching and change-work can help you with, supporting you to live an easier, happier life. 

Trauma | PTSD | Phobias | Anxiety | Confidence | Career Coaching | Work/Life Balance | Personal Boundaries | Time Management | Purpose | Guilt & Regret | Habit Change | Self-Esteem | Worry | Low-Mood | Fear | Pain | Sleep | Grief & Loss | Goal Setting| Anger | Communication Skills | Public Speaking | Bullying| Aspirations| Identity | and more...

When making this valuable investment in yourself, it is important to find the right coach for you and your circumstances. That's why I offer a FREE 15 minute discovery call or zoom to get started.  This gives you a chance to ask any specific questions,  find out the next steps in becoming a client and creating change and coaching together can help you. 


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Discovery Call

Make an enquiry. 

Get in touch to ask a question or find out more. Or book in a discovery call at the link above

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