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Career Well-Being Coaching - Access to Work Support

Life, well-being and Career coaching for  ACCESS TO WORK  funded grants - Coaching for people with long term health conditions, disability, neurodiversity and/or mental health - funded through the Access to Work DWP benefits scheme- in work or returning to work. 

Life and Career Coaching for Access to Work Grants

Access to Work Grants help you to get into or stay in work, you are eligible to apply for these if you have a long term health condition,  mental or physical diagnosis or a disability. You can also apply for these, if you have a Neurodiversity and other health/learning needs. 

If awarded, the grant will fund some or all of your support. You're employer may also be assessed as needing to contribute too. 

The DWP-Access to Work Team can support your grant process.  Access to Work fund a broad range of support needs, from equipment and software, to travel as well as support workers and career/work coaches. As a therapeutic Life/Career coach I coach people in a holistic way to ensure you have the strategies and confidence to live  and work in a healthy, happy way. 

I offer life and career coaching for individuals who have awarded/are applying for Access to Work and plan to use some of the awarded grant to support you with coaching at work.  There are a range of reasons and goals that someone may value a work/career coach or therapeutic coach. Our coaching sessions together combine emotional coaching, personal development and practice strategies for well-being. 

Who do I coach?

It is important that you get the right support to help you getting back into employment or with help in your role. 

Anyone who wants to explore coaching with me will first attend a free discovery call. This helps us to sure that we are a good fit for each other and that I can help you achieve your goals, and ensure your personal needs are met.

 It is important that you feel ready and able to commit to the coaching approach. Coaching is a collaborative approach in which I help you to identify and reach your own goals. 

I cannot work with everyone, and focus my time working with people I feel best match my skills and experience as a coach. 

You might be looking to return to work, or be in work and facing some challenges. Ultimately you have a clear goal and want some strategies that will work for your unique self.

Please note I do not offer advice, guidance or application support for Access to Work. I will signpost you to the support and guidance you need where I can. 

I offer a free discovery call, in relation to coaching support you would valuing receiving, not the ATW application.  I am a life well-being and career coach. 

(You can find out more below about who and how I can help below) 



  • Anxiety 

  • Stress/Burnout 

  • Depression 

  • Trauma/PTSD (Single) 

  • Fatigue Conditions - e.g fibromyalgia

  • Speech Conditions - stammering 

  • Neurodiversity

    • Autism/Asperges​

    • ADHD


​Therapeutic coaching/career coaching is a holistic approach to support you to achieve your personal goals and find solutions to challenges to work and life. 

In sessions we explore resources, activities and approaches to help you create change. You also receive psycho-education - helping you understand yourself and others better, helping improve confidence and communication. As a life coach I will also support you to create or maintain healthy habits, lifestyles and routines that enable your over-all goals. 

A holistic approach means I see and value you as the unique individual you are. Recognising that your life stories and experiences, may have an impact on your current goals and challenges. Whilst I appreciate that a diagnosis may be important to you, I am also here to help you see yourself beyond a definition or label, creating strategies that work for you and who you are in the world 

  • One-to-One Coaching Online (via Zoom)

  • In Nature 

  • In person ( subject to agreement) - I do not coach you in your home. 

Sessions last 60-90 minutes

  • Career Support to return to work or change career. 

  • Resources and strategies to help you in work. 

  • Emotional strategies to help with confidence and change in work. 

  • Increased health, happiness and well-being 

  • Increased awareness and confidence in yourself and your abilities. 

  • Improved or enhanced performance and motivation at work.  

  • Greater fulfilment and purpose. 

  • Reduced isolation, loneliness or disconnection with others. 

  • Routines and habits that support you and your goals. 


  • Career coaching - identifying a career role, interview and application preparation, goal setting. 

  • Changing careers/jobs

  • Managing your health condition around your work expectations. 

  • Return to work preparation and retention. 

  • Confidence and self-esteem 

  • Emotional Regulation strategies ( managing mental health)

  • Assertiveness and Boundaries 

  • Communication and social skills 

  • Managing time, energy and workload. 

  • Understanding yourself and others. 

  • Focus and motivation 

If you would like to find out more.  Book a FREE discovery call today. 

A bit about me

Hi, I am JK (Jennie-Kate McQuinn) if you don't already know me, I am the founder of JKChangeWork. Offering a medley of life coaching,  career coaching, mindset coaching  (I also coach in nature using an ecopsychology approach you can find more about that here) I am qualified coach, with a Mastery in NLP, an Advanced Integral Eye Movement Practitioner,  M-Bit and Brain Bargaining practitioner  and have a range of additional CPD and training that I weave  into our sessions together. 

Before working for myself, I lead and managed teams in mental health and employability sector (private and 3rd sector) and have over a decades experience (prior to self-employment) in supporting people to find meaningful work experiences and roles. Including working with people with lived experience and complex needs, as well as those who have faced a range of life-adversities. This experience, along with my coaching skills has helped me to work in a way that values peoples individuality and responds to your unique  experiences in the world - there is no 'one size fits all' here!  I set up my coaching business back in 2017,  started my coaching in Nature business alongside this in 2019 and have recently been a co-founder on a new regenerative business programme.  I could see the value of supporting people with mental health and well-being and often witnesses staff being absent of the support they need to excel in work. Times have changed a little but there is still a lot to do, in responding and supporting people to have access to the knowledge, skills and resources needed to help make life and work an easier, happier and healthier place to be!

I work with a range of private clients and offer team well-being too.  I have now worked with a range of clients, who have gained access to work grants. This includes support into work, return to work after sickness and in-work coaching and personal development.  Clients describe me as 'down to earth', 'smiley' and 'frank' - as well as a little sweary sometimes.  I offer a free-of-judgement coaching space, in which you can be yourself, talk openly about your challenges and most importantly, discover solutions that work for you! I want you to have the best life and so we work in a focused, yet relaxed way to help you  make that happen. I live in Leeds, and love the outdoors. 



Take Part in a Discovery call

First things first, lets have an informal chat ( by phone or zoom) to help make sure I offer the right support you are looking for. You might be right at the start of applying for Access to Work or just had your grant awarded and looking for coaching.  On our 20 minute discovery call together (FREE) you can share  a little about yourself and your situation ( not too much at this stage!) - ask any questions about how coaching together could work, and I will share a bit about the coaching sessions and my approach too. Please note I am a coach and cannot offer you advice or support you with the application for Access to Work, though I am happy to point you in the right direction.

proposal/quote + 'welcome' pack 

If we decided, after the discovery call, that we will explore coaching together.  I will send you some follow up information  this can include a proposal of a few ways to work together and the cost of each service. This might be something Access to Work  have or will request from you as part of your application. 

You will also receive the welcome pack from me, this includes a link to my coaching agreement. A client registration form to complete in advance of our first session and a link to book your sessions in too. Once your grant is approved you can get started. You can of course, self-fund these sessions too - please discuss this with me if you want to explore this option.  

Payment will either be made, direct to me, through your employer, or through Access to Works online payment system (You will need to set this up and input details of our session - payments must be completed to continue sessions together)


On completion of the client registration form, and your session booking we will get started coaching together.  You will be able to access a number of sessions we have agreed in the proposal.  Our sessions together will be online ( unless other wise agreed). We will both adhere to the coaching agreement and review our collaborative approach throughout. 

At the end of our time working together you will be asked to complete a short feedback form. 

I may also offer additional sign-posting throughout our sessions together. 

( I offer short 'touch point' contact through WhatsApp in between each session, this is not coaching and coaching will be kept to the coaching space - touch points may include 'celebrating success' ,  'sharing reflections' 'setting session agendas' - 'shared resources')


Book a FREE discovery call with me today to discover how coaching can help you build confidence and the practical competencies in your role, to help you thrive at work. 

Example Coaching Packages:

  • Twelve x Monthly Online Coaching Sessions (£2, 500)

  • Three X 1/2 day coaching sessions in Nature ( £1, 250) 

  • Four x fortnightly return to work coaching sessions (£750)

(The above are based on example quotations/proposals - packages and approaches are tailored to your needs and a personalised proposal/quote will be produced) - All quotes are subject to availability  - I will inform you of my availability as part of the discovery call.  


I will be in touch from time to time with resources, offers and blogs on mental health and well-being in work and life! 

Thank you for signing up

Need disability and inclusion support or training for your organisation/team. Or an in work assessment so you can better support your staff to excel in their workplace. 

JK recommended:

Please check out Kate Dean,  of Enabled - disability and inclusion. A personal recommendation. Kate is a disability and inclusion consultant and can help your organisation to be inclusive and equitable. Delivering specialist consultancy, audits, training and individual workplace assessments, passionate about supporting  your organisation/business to attract, build and retain an agile, high performing and diverse workforce. 

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