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Whilst coaching sessions with JK (Jennie-Kate) are personalised to your situation. A typical approach may include. 

  • Understand what anxiety  or stress is for you. 

  • Learn what to do with stress or anxiety and how to mange it. 

  • Pinpoint contributing factors in work or life. 

  • Establish new resources that create more helpful responses. 

  • Reset old stories and limiting beliefs that lead to feeling anxious or over-whelmed. 

  • Build confidence in using new approaches and techniques. 

  • Notice how things have changed for you. 

  • Future proof your techniques so you can maintain a happier, healthier life. 

Anxiety & Stress 

Anxiety and stress can have a huge impact on your life and let's be honest both are just a plain inconvenience. 

You may be someone who can relate with the idea of struggling with stress or anxiety for,  what feels like,  your whole life. 

Or perhaps these issues have just cropped up for you in work or life and are just something you would rather live without

Stress is the bodies response to feeling there is too much going on. Feeling over-whelmed, over-load and may leave you worried or frustrated with your situation. 

Stress can impact our ability to complete tasks, prioritise and-over time -impacts physical and mental health. You may find that  your confidence or self-esteem has been knocked too.

In moderation, stress is actually a good thing and can help us complete tasks and reach goals. 

But when you find yourself in longer term stressful situations, this is where you might see problems arising. For many people this can lead to forms of burn out, or fatigue and can lead to needing time off work. 

Anxiety is a little bit different to stress, though the two can often be linked to each other. 

If you're currently dealing with anxiety you may find yourself worrying or over-thinking situations. 

This is not only distracting but can also be exhausting.  As your mind focuses time and energy on attempting to re-write events that have happened or predict the outcome of a future activity or event. 

Anxiety often leads to the mind focusing on the "what if's" and "worst case scenarios" which can leave you with feelings of fear and panic. 

Your own experience may be that you avoid or hold back from work or personal activities and opportunities because of the worry they cause you. 

When you do take the leap and push yourself into these situations, the whole process might be full of self-scrutiny and negative self-talk and feelings that leaves the experience being unpleasant or distressing. 

Anxiety can also lead to feelings of embarrassment, guilt, anger or regret. 

Both stress and anxiety can cause there own issues in work or life. From impacting work performance or progression to affecting relationships and quality of life outside of work. 

If you have found yourself experiencing stress and anxiety and are looking for a way to make significant changes. Coaching is an effective way to help you move forward and make a difference in your life.  Create space for happier, healthier living and the confidence to handle a range of situations and goals

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I'll help you to gain the confidence, knowledge and skills to live life in a calmer, happier way. 

Helping you discover ways to manage the challenges and pressures of your work or life circumstances. 

Helping you to gain an understanding of how your mind and body responds  and creating strategies that minimise distress and discomfort in work and life. 

Coaching enables you to establish clear goals and objectives. Creating the momentum to help you achieve them and change you situation for the better. 

I'll support you to identify any practical changes that you can make in your life. 

Assist in focused and valuable decision making. And help you learn to think, feel and do things differently for the better. 

Our coaching sessions will be a collaborative approach. Coaching is not about giving you the answers but helping you find your way and enhance happiness and health. 

Exploring coaching, particularly when you experience stress or anxiety can feel like a daunting process.  It's also a courageous one and takes you one step closer to achieving change.  

A FREE discovery call helps you find out more about the coaching sessions and how to get started. 

Working from Home

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What people say:

"I noticed a shift after my first session as did my husband and it has continued to improve. I definitely have a better control of my over thinking, I can’t pinpoint why but my brain is not catastrophising as much so it has less anxiety about the future...A great alternative if ‘talking therapy’ has not worked or you want to try a different approach. JK is really intuitive and makes the whole experience feel easy. I felt like it was a completely safe space"

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