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Privacy Statement 

In line with the GDPR regulations that become effective from 25th May 2018 I am outlining the following information to you regarding how, when and what I do with your data. (This version was updated March 2020)

The aim of this statement is to outline the following:

  • The information I collect.

  • The purpose and use of the data.

  • The process of holding the data

  • Retention period of your data

  • Your right to withdraw ( plus exemptions)

JKChangeWork Services and Data Processing

Enquiries:  If you make an enquiry to JKChangeWork via written, email, telephone or social media, you may provide me with details such as your name, email, telephone or personal circumstances relating to health.  As part of a record keeping process I will store basic information around your enquiry , using name and your contact method. This may also be stored by third party booking systems/CRM.  This record is stored for the sole purpose of tracking your contact and remains confidential and for it's sole use only.  You have the right to request a withdrawal of your information, you can do this in writing. 

Client registration: As part of 1-2-1 sessions with JK Changework I will ask you to complete a pre-session form. This contains personal and sensitive information about yourself and is a method of gathering significant factors about your reasons for accessing coaching, enabling your paid session time to focus on ways to implement change. These forms are stored on file for the duration of your involvement with JKChangeWork and retained on exit, in line with secure and confidential filing practice.  

Session Notes: During sessions we may collate notes and personal information discussed in the session these are stored after exiting the service all identifiable data is removed. However . This may include information about other third party individuals. Use of third party information would always be recorded in an abbreviated way to reduce sensitivity, except where you are providing me with details of  a crime or safeguarding concern.

Your notes are stored in paper form and may also be stored electronically as well. 

Workshops: If you have signed up or attended workshops I will record and retain basic information on your attendance as part of this process, which could include name, contact details, address, date of birth and health/accessibility related needs. This will be compliant with the above processes in terms of storage and use of data.  In the event that you do not attend a workshop, your records will be removed within 6 months.  You retain the right to withdraw this information at any stage. Where you have signed up to a workshop via a third-party provider such as Eventbrite or Life Coach Directory please ensure you are aware of their privacy statements and data protection processes and consent to their use of information also.

Mailing Lists & Promotions: There are times when JKChangeWork may wish to contact you about upcoming events; this requires storage of your data for contact. You have the right to withdraw from this at any time and I will operate all promotion on an “opt in” only basis to avoid the assumption that you consent.    I may use quotes or photos relating to your involvement in the service.  Consent and the level of information provided for this will be reviewed on a case by case basis with you via a promotional consent form.

Consultancy & Third Party Referral:  Where you are being referred to JKChangeWork by your employer or a third party I will assume they have consent to pass on your details.  When you begin accessing coaching with JKChangeWork or Where the mind Grows you will be asked to complete a client registration form and be prompted to read the coaching agreement. 


In the event that you inform me of an on-going safeguarding or risk to yourself and or/others or where you disclose information about a reportable crime the above terms may become exempt and I would inform you that I am required to share the disclosed information with a third party service/agency.  At this time only information relevant to the matter/risk would be disclosed. Where possible consent will always be discussed.  

Data storage & Measures


  • Your data is stored and used for the sole intention of the service provision; I will never share or sell your data to other providers. ( see exemption of safeguarding )

  • Notes, forms and other resources linked to your involvement with JKChangeWork will be stored in line with data protection best practice, ensuring computer records are appropriately protected and secure and paper files are stored in a locked cabinet.

  • Persona contact details stored on my business phone are secured with a password access. 


How long do I store your data for?

  • Records are kept on file, unless a request to withdraw is made. 


In the event that you wish to identify the level of data I hold relating to you, please provide this request in writing via email or letter. I will acknowledge your request with 48 hours where possible and respond to your request within one month of the initial request.

In the event that you wish to review and withdraw your data from the service please provide this request in writing for me to action. I will acknowledge your request with 48 hours where possible and respond to your request within one month of the initial request.

By completing your client registration form, as outlined on the form, you will be consenting to the storage of your information with JKChangeWork.

Thank You

Jennie- Kate (JK) 


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