Self-esteem and confidence

Whether you have had your self-esteem knocked or feel like it's something you never had.  Therapeutic coaching can help you. 

When you think of someone with self-esteem you probably consider the confident attributes and behaviours you see.  Whether it's their ability to command a room or their apparent comfort in just "being themselves". 

Self-Esteem is linked to your own belief in yourself and your ability to accept who you are and  what you want in life, and go get it!

Life experiences might mean that you lost the part of you that was content and trusting in your own abilities. And now it's time to get it back, or create it fresh!

If you are currently lacking self-esteem, you might find this impacting you in your work, your life and the way you form or sustain relationships.

You may have found that, the events of  Covid-19 , mean your self-esteem has taken a real hit and you are looking to gain some resources to feel happier and more confident in yourself. 

Coaching together, we will help to create the vision of what Self-esteem means for you and how to get it. 

I will help you understand your current belief systems and identify anything that might be getting in the way of making your vision a reality. 

Through a range of coaching techniques and tools you will be able to change the way you think, feel and do, taking the stuff you learn in the sessions out into the real world.


You can begin to feel more confident and self assured, believe positive and helpful things about your self worth and spend less time over-thinking or doubting your choices in life. 

Coaching for self esteem will enable you to:

  • Love yourself and your life more

  • Take up new opportunities and reach new goals. 

  • Have courageous conversations. 

  • Set personal boundaries and be able to maintain these with others. 

  • Enhance your social skills and relationships. 

  • Make life an easier and happier place to be you!

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Image by Anthony Fomin