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Speed, Distance, Time ....what pace are you taking?

The other day I was walking the dog round our usual morning route and I came across this snail ( see below). I love it when life offers me an image which completely inspires me to stop what I am doing and just pause and think, I like it even more when that inspires me to contribute and share those thoughts in a blog.

When meeting with clients speed, distance, time (and of course direction/destination) come into the discussion and form the basis and framework for getting to the route of the issue and finding solutions to the problem you bring through the door.

Speed - the pace at which you do something or perceive that you do something is essential when looking at achieving change. Is the speed too fast or too slow.... Do you want to be the snail; take things slower, notice whats around you and have the chance to check you are heading the right direction (are you about to crash and burn!?).... or are you in fact the snail, and that's the problem . The pace is too slow, things feel like an effort , you are stagnated and right now despairing at feeling like you are going no where you would rather just hide in your shell?

Distance ( and the destination) - Getting to the destination (achieving the change) is often a crucial focus of overcoming the problem. How far you feel/see that destination to be can often present itself as the main issue. It always helps if you know where you are going or are open to exploring routes to find your end goal. Make sure that the distance to get there or the resources you need to gain or relearn are achievable.

" possible in the world, is possible for you its only a matter of how".

Be it a weight loss goal, or maybe being at a point where you feel more confident or happier or maybe even an actual destination and you are longing to get over your fear of flying and sun yourself on a beach on the other side of the world? If the destination feels too far away, too fantasy how on earth can you reach it? To the snail, the breadth of the lane is an adventure, a marathon... from the perspective of my human stance; its just a few strides.....

Consider that if you haven't reached the destination yet the distance is too big or maybe even too small/too easy and leads to procrastination?

Many clients utilise the space of the session just to figure out what or where that destination is and how far they have to go to get there.......... then speed, time and the how of getting there become much clearer.

Time - Time is another factor of change and one that I really enjoy working with in client sessions. The concept of time or our perception of it...too much, too little, lost time, regret from the past, fear of the future. It can be very helpful to understand how you do time, form it, move through it, lose it, use it...... again this is often a turning point for people in making and achieving change.

In a world where things feel like they are travelling faster. Where we see more of the world and whats going on. In a culture where we put more into our day. It can often be confusing to know whats driving who and who is driving what .... maybe the snail got it right?

If you want to learn more about how time/speed/distance can enable you to overcome a problem reach a goal and change a behaviour you feel is not currently helpful..... lets explore in an 1-2-1 session.#

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