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Finding a career, to love You!

In my past career in employment support and coaching I was often working either directly with clients or developing staff who were exploring work or volunteering roles for people out of work.

Many of the tools out there can help in determining actions based around key priorities to get someone back to work or change career and consider action plans around skills, lifestyle, dependents, health etc. While these are important stepping stones to returning to work or changing career there are also other aspects we can look at that sit with the environment and culture of a business (as an organisation or self-employed) that are useful to consider.

When we talk about "career" and "work" we use words like growth, leadership and development. Most of us are driven by at least one of 3 pointers below when considering a career/job role:

1) Money

2) Flexibility

3) Creativity & Inspiration.

What we don't really talk about is finding an environment that enables you to be and feel loved.

Now I am not talking engaging in office romances, being surrounded by some army of free-love collectives or group hugs over lunch time. Nor am I encouraging un-boundaried connections between staff and managers! (Boundaries after all help a lot of what I will go on to explore).

I am talking about finding a work role or career that settles one of the most basic and innate needs we all have. Love.

This sort of love radiates from inwards out!

In work we can may find this self- love/self-gratitude in a number of places without even realising it.

Achievement, Learning, Safety, Trust, Collaboration, Creativity, Resolution.

These are experiences that help us to engage with who we are at a deeper and happier level and enable us to excel.

  • When we are given chance to achieve, we grow in confidence and are more likely to recognise the assets and skills we possess and "grow" them (self-Love).

  • When we learn or expand our mind, we figure out new ways of seeing, of being and understanding. We develop ways to make and own our decisions ( self-love).

  • Safety is everything from practically knowing your boss is actually bothered about you keeping your limbs intact to feeling safe to own up to problems and feel supported to hold your hands up and figure out the solution. Feeling you survived something and came out the other side, that's not always pleasant but it certainly opens up a chance to say "we got this". Or helps with feeling safe to say "actually I am not OK and I need to take action" (self-love).

  • Giving people supported space to explore, manage time, make decisions (that they feel equipped to). The trust of another can help someone to say "oh hang on someone else believes in me? "this is another chance to gain self-love and acceptance.

  • Making spaces for people to grow and innovate, alone or with others, sparks the energy and curiosity that forms a connection to our identity and a sense of self-worth.

  • When the Sh*t hits the fan and things do go "wrong" for us; having space and permission to find resolve and forgive the part of us that messed up and more importantly let go and move on from it. It could be said that “It's failure that gives you the proper perspective on success” - (Ellen DeGeneres). A space to resolve is essential to all of the above!

Whether you are self-employed/Own a business, work for someone or our considering a return to work - it may help to consider the aspects above and think about the things that help you connect with a sense of inner awesomeness.

Are you in a career that enables you to connect your Self with yourself?

Do you run a business that helps to embody this concept through your actions?

How does a sense of self-love and self-respect enhance the way you excel in a job?

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