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11 Questions - Problem Feelings

Here are 11 questions you might explore to consider if you are experiencing a problem feeling?

Emotions come in all shapes and sizes and we might all call them something different depending on how we experience them.

Feelings only become problematic when you begin to sense they are bigger than they need to be and you find it hard to change them once they are there.

It could be that they creep up unexpected and you don't quite understand why you feel the way you do?I It can seem like they have the power to get in our way and stop us doing what we think we want to at times.

Before figuring out how to change something your are feeling, these questions might be helpful in understanding it a little better and figuring out if what your feeling is becoming a problem for you.

  1. Do you understand what it is you are feeling?

  2. Do you understand the reasons you feel this way?

  3. Does the feeling you have stop you from doing certain things?

  4. Does this feeling affect your sleep or concentration?

  5. As a result of the feelings do you feel others are being effected?

  6. Have you felt that your feelings lead you to be physically unwell?

  7. If you didn't feel this way how would things be different?

  8. What helps you to feel better currently?

  9. Have you talked to someone you trust about this?

  10. Does it worry you to think about talking to someone about it?

  11. Are you ready to feel differently about this?

If you feel like your emotions are causing issues for you:

Here are some steps you can do from here:

  • Talk to someone trusted.

  • Write down the above questions and answers and read them through.

  • Seek help from a professional

  • Set three things you are going to start with to take positive action.

  • Create a Self-Care plan - identify 3-7 things that will help to boost your mood and set out to do at least one of them per day.

Ideas for a self-care plan.

  1. Make a playlist

  2. Go for a run ( with playlist on)

  3. Cook a new recipe

  4. Read an inspirational book

  5. Put on clean bed covers.

  6. Meet a friend for a coffee/meal

  7. Search an event to attend

If you feel like you need to contact someone for immediate help with how you are feeling The Samaritans contact details are available HERE

Picture cited @Unsplash - Jason Gruenthal.

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