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Be your own Guru

In reflection of #worldwellbeingweek I was considering the term well-being and how to encompass the many ways in which we contribute to a sense of well-being within ourselves and for our wider community.

I use 'contribute', because to use a word like achieve feels more like a destination or finish point. I personally relate to the concept of 'optimising' our well-being.

The ability to take stock, at any point in our life, to check in and consider the action we take in immediacy and the longer term changes we make to minimise future impact or negativity.

Taking stock can ignite the need for something new, or simply accept the now of who we are, that everything is ok, that you are enough.

There's loads of advice and ideas out there for you to tap into. Discover, explore and mould your pathway to well-being.

The real answer to being a Wellbeing Master?

Well that's within.

Your opportunity to be your own Guru and live life in a full and evolving way, it's all in there somewhere.

Coaching helps you get better connected to your inner values. The compass that guides decisions. Helping you find your "i'm alright" from your "this is all wrong". This learning experience, often unearths old out-dated stories, beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve the purpose of optimising your present well-being (Guru-Style)

Unleashing that inner Guru is to forgive the times you didn't quite get it right, to put that down to rehearsal, or practice.

With every time we meet ourselves in a feeling of worry, or shame, or fear we also meet the old familiar versions of that being. Maybe an old strategy worked, or maybe there is some re-modelling and evolving to do. That's ok.

The smartest part of forgiving the need for a tweak, is knowing that change makes a difference and will help you be that Guru, the Well of knowledge of your Being.

According to the Five Virtues A Guru can behold these positive attributes**

  • Truth,

  • Compassion,

  • Contentment

  • Humility

  • Love

These are the gifts we can give to ourselves and also shine out to others.

For you

  • Be honest & true with how you are feeling

  • Be compassionate and kind with yourself - take action to keep well no matter how small or bold.

  • Being grateful & happy with who you are and what you have

  • Offer yourself acceptance & forgiveness for the ongoing learning you are experiencing in life.

  • Learn and explore the ways that you can recognise love for yourself. Share love with others, being sure to keep enough love and respect for yourself.

In turn, with others.

  • Be authentic, to be honest can also be kind & respectful. Without compromising your values or who you are.

  • Show understanding, appreciate that we may make mistakes, that others may suffer, or struggle differently to how we might experience a similar challenge.

  • Celebrate others happiness and hear and share their gratitude.

  • Be patient, forgiving and accept the differences in all of us. Speak up and own your learning & support others to do the same.

  • Share love unconditionally. Let others share their love back too. Take time to understand the different versions of love in your connections.

Well-being is not a room, it is a house or high-rise, with undiscovered nooks and crannies. The longer we live the more we know our favourite places, the more we can explore. The more we can renovate until everything in that moment feels just right.

ACTIVITY - write down ten things that you know help to enhance your personal well-being in times of need. Keep it in a safe place, in case you need a gentle nudge.

**Based on Five Virtues of Sikhism

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