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Being With

I have been having an inspired week, lots of creativity. And with this comes that beautiful connection. A juxtapose between playful excitement and delighted calm. The process of innovating, creating and exploring is something that (on some level), is an innate part of us.

The "doing" of hobbies, visions, goals and ideas is rewarding. Seeing our progress in something, nurtures a sense of self-worth and identity. Of pride.

This happens on many levels, a simple creative thought, a business venture or discovering a craft?

This is a moment of having enough. And yet society would have us yearn for more. Have us looking for more things to fill our time with & over-look the vastness that we create connecting with our self.

What has really resonated with me this week, is recognising the moment of " Being With". That creative space, feeling peacefully unaware of everything but dwelling in the loveliest moment.

For me, this concept of Being With is the moment when my conscious thought is silent. I am in a blank space. Feeling something awesome and then gently catching myself in that sense. Calm rejuvenation. It probably sounds a little "woowoo" if it's an unfamiliar awareness, and yet once you catch yourself Being With this moment it will all make sense.

We spend a lot of time dealing with other people’s desires in life. We have responsibilities & roles. Having stuff to do, be that work, dependants, goals chores, expectations.

We can have purpose to be with our self too.

The Poet EE Cummings in his prose The Courage to be Yourself says:

"whenever you think or you believe or you know, you’re a lot of other people: but the moment you feel, you’re nobody-but-yourself. To be nobody-but-yourself — in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else" (Cummings, EE)

Being with is just that – being nobody but yourself.

And whilst our brain and body seem well attached, we rarely actually check to see if our "self" is still intact. You might not even know consciously if you have all of your limbs you had last week (And yes, go ahead and just check).

I invite you to consider this concept of connection and "Being With" as you next carry out a task, or start out on achieving a goal which holds space for Creativity.

Whilst as a coach I am always going to celebrate the concept of goals and reaching that destination. Growth is great.

I am also a therapeutic coach, and this means I advocate that the most valuable part of your coaching journey can be to attune and connect to your inner self. After all, you entered the concept of coaching to give yourself some time and a space to discover.

You can be more in a moment of internal satisfaction and peace with who you are. And to really connect to those moments where you are just that.

Being With.

If you are not sure how to explore this concept. You might like to take a walk outside, night or day and take a moment just to gaze at the sky. Just Be With the focus you create for yourself. Considering how immense that view is.

Allowing yourself to just "Be With"

This is where the magic happens.

Picture Sources - title Picture Green Chameleon Unsplash

Moon - S.Quinn

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